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What You MUST Have in Place Before Seeking Out Your First Apartment Deal

Matt Faircloth
1 min read
What You MUST Have in Place Before Seeking Out Your First Apartment Deal

Before you jump into watching my video, I really want you to answer this question for yourself: “Are you ready (really ready) for your first apartment building deal?”

This is a big question that needs to be answered before you begin looking for that apartment building deal. I can’t stress this enough. So many people think they can “fake it until they make it” when investing in apartment buildings. In my experience as an investor, you need to be prepared to be successful and effective in this business. You need to have things in place before investing in apartment buildings.

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3 Things to Have in Place Before Hunting for Your First Apartment Deal

Colin Powell said it best: “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

In today’s jammed-packed video, I whiteboard three critical areas you MUST have in place BEFORE you go hunting for that apartment building deal:

  1. Your Team
  2. Money
  3. Market

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Let’s get some discussion going! Anything else I should have in place before going out and hunting for that apartment building deal?

Thanks, as always, for watching my videos!

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