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6 Reasons All Real Estate Investors Should Be Journaling

Sterling White
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6 Reasons All Real Estate Investors Should Be Journaling

Daily journaling is a common practice among the investors who accomplish big things. How might it help you?

6 Reasons All Real Estate Investors Should Be Journaling

1. Journaling promotes focus.

There are many ways to journal. One of the things that I do daily is write out my goals when I wake up and before I go to bed. I’ve found this to be far more effective than just reading them and writing them once at the beginning of the year.

When you put this level of effort and attention into your goals each morning, it definitely helps you develop more passion for your goals and keeps you focused. Start each day with a keen focus on what you want to achieve, and you’ll make a lot more progress towards where you want to go. It especially helps with prioritizing your day, making decisions, and keeping your eye on the big picture.


2. Journaling creates daily wins.

Consider each day that you stick to your goal of journaling a success. If you accomplish nothing else, at least you’ve journaled. Starting your day with a win and accomplishment can build your confidence — and helps propel you to more wins throughout the day on a regular basis.

3. Journaling builds a track record of success.

Documenting your successes is important. It shows you what you can accomplish and what you are capable of. If you had been journaling since you started in real estate, you’d probably already be surprised at your progress. You get to see how your skill level and confidence have grown — and how your goals and wealth have progressed.

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Even tracking consecutive days of journaling success can give you a boost. This is even more important when things aren’t going right. We are too easily tricked into negative thinking. A success journal shows you what you are capable of doing and how extraordinary you are.

4. Journaling acts as an annual checkup.

A journal is a great tool for annual reviews. Look back over your journal each year. See the progress you have made toward your goals. Recognize where you can do better or perhaps where you should focus more energy and thought for the next year.


5. Journaling creates good habits.

They say successful people are simply the culmination of good daily habits. If that is true, and if many of the most successful people journal, then this is a success habit to model daily. It may also be used as a launchpad for more great habits or replacing other habits. Maybe you start journaling instead of waking up to check your Facebook in the morning. Then perhaps you make a habit of going for a run or walk after you finish your journaling. Just keep building on it.

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6. Journaling leaves clues for the next generation.

Too often we don’t get to pass on the knowledge we really want to. Time is short, and kids may not be ready to receive the information at a young age. Leaving a journal is a great and powerful way to pass on your thoughts, wishes, and good habits to the next generation.

Have you tried journaling yet? What has helped you get the most out of it?

Let me know with a comment!

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