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Top 5 Podcasts for Multifamily Real Estate Investors

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If you’re reading this article, then I don’t think I need to convince you why apartment syndication is a great investment strategy. Hopefully you’re here because you’d like to gain real estate knowledge when and where it’s convenient for you—like during the daily to commute to your 9 to 5 (for now, at least)!

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There are many awesome podcasts out there for multifamily investors, but here are my top five picks.

Multifamily Investors Should Listen to These 5 Podcasts

#5. Apartment Building Investing by Michael Blank

Apple Podcast Reviews: 332

Frequency: 1 episode/week

Each episode is about 40 minutes and features a different guest. Michael has tons of real estate knowledge and can teach his audience effectively by presenting the topic in a way that’s easy to understand.

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Michael Blank controls over $65 million worth of multifamily assets. He launched his real estate career in 2007 and is actively involved with a coaching program.

#4. Old Capital Podcast by Paul Peebles and Michael Becker

Apple Podcast Reviews: 372

Frequency: 3 episodes/week

Each interview is about 45 minutes, and they invite amazing guests who provide in-depth knowledge on multifamily. You’ll learn something new from each episode. In the sub-series “Ask Mike Mondays,” Michael Becker answers a question from the audience once a week. Each sub-series episode is about 15 minutes.

Paul Peebles is the national underwriter for Old Capital. He has been arranging real estate financing since 1987 and closed over $5 billion in transactions.

Michael Becker is the senior director for Old Capital. He is familiar with all aspects of real estate, including underwriting and marketing, financial analysis, and due diligence.

#3. Wheelbarrow Profits by Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro

Apple Podcast Reviews: 451

Frequency: 4 episodes/week

The four weekly episodes are for four different sub-series called the MNS (“Movers & Shakers”), MFZ (“The Multi-Family Zone”), WBP (“Wheelbarrow Profits”), RPP (“Rand Partners Podcast”). I personally enjoy the RPP sub-series the most because it dives deep into a specific topic.

Jake Stenziano, a bestselling author, has invested in over 1,400 multifamily units. He is the co-founder of Jake & Gino and founder of Rand Property Management.

Gino Barbaro began to pursue real estate as a full-time career in 2016. As the co-founder of Jake & Gino, he has invested in over 1,400 multifamily units. He is also a certified professional coach.

#2. Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever by Joe Fairless and Theo Hicks

Apple Podcast Reviews: 689

Frequency: Daily episodes

In this podcast, the hosts often interview a guest on a certain real estate related topic. But sometimes the episode is simply Joe and Theo discussing interesting facts that they’ve learned this week from their guests. Each episode is about 20 to 30 minutes.

The sub-series of this podcast is called the “Apartment Syndication School,” hosted by Theo Hicks. Theo goes over different syndication topics; some of the topics are market research, underwriting, property management, and due diligence. Each topic is broken down into multiple parts, which can be as many as 10. Each episode is about 20 to 30 minutes and pairs well with Joe Fairless’ book on syndication.

Joe Fairless started multifamily full-time in 2012 and now manages more than $600 million worth of real estate. He has written three books, runs a consulting program, and maintains a blog with more than 1,300 posts. One of his books is called the Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book, which is one of the most popular books out there on apartment syndication. It goes over the syndication process step by step. Joe also maintains a charity website called

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Theo Hicks manages the “Apartment Syndication School,” which provides many valuable resources, such as guides, spreadsheets, marketing templates, and contract templates. All these materials are free and can be downloaded at

#1. Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing by Rod Khleif

Apple Podcast Reviews: 1,060

Frequency: 2 episodes/week

For one of the two weekly episodes, Rod interviews a guest and discusses various topics related to multifamily. Some of the common topics relate to the SEC, construction, property management, and more. Each episode is about 30 to 45 minutes.

For the second weekly episode, Rod does a short 5-minute clip called “Own Your Power Success Tip” on personal development. These short clips are quite motivational and are meant to get you fired up.

Throughout every episode, you can feel Rod’s intense energy. His voice is so powerful that it grasps your attention, so it’ll definitely come in handy if you ever feel sleepy during a long drive.

Rod Khleif has owned and managed over 2,000 properties. He isn’t only a great real estate investor, but also a motivational speaker and coach. Rod has built several multimillion-dollar businesses. He is also the founder and serving president of the Tiny Hands Foundation, a non-profit organization with the mission to improve the quality of life for impoverished children in Sarasota, Manatee, and Desoto Counties.


Which one of these podcasts is your favorite, and why? Which others shows do you listen to? 

Give them a shout out in a comment below.

Jay, a civil engineering graduate from UCLA, is an active investor, developer, and writer. He is the President and Founder of Hestia Capital, which syndicates multifamily properties with value-add opportunities in Phoenix and Tucson. He is also working at CIM Group full-time as an Assistant Construction Manager/Analyst on the development team. His responsibilities include entitlements, cost management, and construction management for ground-up projects. Jay is also currently one of the leaders of a real estate investment group called the, which grew to 1,000+ members within a year. Before working at CIM, Jay worked for Pankow Builders on large construction projects, such as the R3 Metropolis in DTLA and the EDITION Hotel in West Hollywood. Jay aspires to develop coliving projects in the future. When he has free time, he travels, plays basketball, snowboards, and golfs.

    Gino Barbaro Rental Property Investor from St Augustine, FL
    Replied 3 months ago
    Thanks Jay for including us in this impressive list! Everyone on this list makes it happen!! All the best Gino
    Jay Chang Developer from Los Angeles, CA
    Replied 3 months ago
    Thanks for all the awesome content Gino! Appreciate all the values you and Jake have been giving to the audience.
    Peter Amour Investor from Burlington, Vermont
    Replied 3 months ago
    i love listening to all of these , i will need to add old capital , or at least listen to a few first . my #1 choice is a tie ... bigger pockets and joe fairless :)
    Karl B. Rental Property Investor from Los Angeles, CA
    Replied 3 months ago
    Many thanks. I will check each out!
    Jamen Armendariz
    Replied 3 months ago
    I thought Bigger pockets would be number one lol! In addition to what you mentioned I also like: Realestate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp And the Real Estate Guys Radio Show
    Jay Chang Developer from Los Angeles, CA
    Replied 3 months ago
    The BiggerPockets podcast is awesome indeed, but in my opinion, it's more heavy on single family than multifamily. I'm glad you found this list useful!
    Gina Daggett from Kent, WA
    Replied 3 months ago
    Thank you Jay for this useful list. I will be implementing.
    Gina Daggett from Kent, WA
    Replied 3 months ago
    Also, another podcast based in Southern California is Old Dawg's REI Network Podcast Bill Manassero, speaks on multi units, SFR, to understanding the 1031 exchanged and have very knowledgable guest on his podcast. Its not just for those over 50, but anyone who wants to continue to grow in the business.
    Jay Chang Developer from Los Angeles, CA
    Replied 2 months ago
    "The Creative Real Estate Podcast" by Adam A. Adams and "Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate" by Kyle and Lalita are great as well
    Roy Johnson Property Inspector - Commercial
    Replied about 2 months ago
    I know i am not going to make any. Friends here but oh well. Jake and Gino, sorry. Not on mine. 1- do what works for them, but go against the geain, manage your own propertiez. 2-Should do someback ground check on guest, make shure what they are saying is so. 3- then when you call and leave a message to let them know that their guest was knowlegeable somewhat. Message he was conveying waz somewhat true. A staff member did call the next morning. Said had a meeting in 5 minutes, would call back after it. Last I ever heard. The subject matter was on property inspections. And i am an expert top 1% in that field.You have contractors who become house inpectors. Some become Commercialinspectors. Then you have jurisdiction , building idepartment inspectors. Usually being strong in their specific trade. Didnt have that luxury, mine was fire protection. And with the due dilligence process, it is a two sided coin. 1-Assest properties systems, and advise that this systems life cyclb e is this, when should be replaced, and at what cost. 2-And this is where it breacks down. Addressing Building Code violations. Brian Hennesey, Author, Amazon #1 best seller, Commerciial Due Dilligence Hanbook. #3 of , Top 10 most missed items lost. Not adhering to Building Codes.Expecially ADA items. How can they adress these items. Can't, not ther fault. 128 hours, Texas's requirements to get liscened. Higbest in states. One code class, 100+ class hours plus homework. Have over 1000 hr,. Am certified, residential and ciommercial, all 4 trades. Then ADA. Add Plans examknor, Special inspector Concrete and Masonry. Have AA degree from modt distinguist Building Inspection Tech program US., and graduated top of class of 60. So I thiink when I say I am an expert in the field, top 1% in field, and this is not correct, wrong, I can back my play. When you are syndicating, using other peoples money, and not getting back to someone, not good. I understand wasnt them directly either instance, getting back to me or researching their guests, but their team. In syndication, first responsability is not to provide an acceptable roi to investor, but to protect their investment. Protect then grow. This is not being done, i can prove it. To blow me off and disrespect me like they did, not good business. One I like is whitjlney sewels, syndication networķ. T
    Roy Johnson Property Inspector - Commercial
    Replied about 2 months ago
    And not only them. My biggest pet pieve. I am supposed to enforce the code. I have to have mom and pop comply. But do to politics, the # 1 employer in co., 1300 employess. I am supposed to sign off on violation that was missed at plan check, by all my seniors. Then BO signs of cause I wont. Then doesnt even come close to meeting min requirements of the code. THEN EVEN WORSE. BUILDING DEPT., ARE THE BIGGEST VIOLATORS. THATS RIGHT. GOING TO WHEN I HAVE TO TRAVEL THRE FOR BUSINESS, TAKE PICS TO VERIFY. STARTING WITH TODAY. GO TO MY LIKEDIN pg. I am going to post 2 short videos. Check them out. Less than 100 yards.5 code violations. City Hall, Building dept. Shame on you.
    Melissa L Whigham
    Replied 29 days ago
    Great info!!