BiggerPockets Business Podcast 08: How to Use Words That SELL With Copywriting Ace Christina Gillick

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What if we told you that mastering this one skill could allow you to replace your W-2 income, boost sales immediately, AND help launch your own thriving online business? Christina Gillick used copywriting to do all three of those things!

In this episode, she shares her story and guides us through a crash course on persuasive writing. You’re going to love Christina’s tips for writing like you talk and using stories to grab your audience’s attention. And you’ll learn how to overcome objections without coming across as too salesy.

Also, you know that old infomercial trick, “But wait… there’s more!”? Well, it works. And from Christina, you’ll learn how to close deals by making irresistible offers and attractive money-back guarantees.

Worried you’re not a great writer? Listen for Christina’s advice on hiring a copywriter. Also, whether it’s a landing page, direct mail piece, or Facebook ad, Christina reveals how split-testing different versions will get you an optimal result. In fact, she used this strategy to drive sales in her own business, comfyearrings.com.

Warning: this episode could change the way you think about marketing. Check it out, and subscribe to the show so you won’t miss an episode!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • What is copywriting?
  • How Christina got into it
  • The types of copywriter
  • Figuring out your target market
  • How to determine if content should be focused on facts or emotions
  • The So-What test?
  • Starting her own business
  • Where to find copywriters
  • How to become better at copywriting
  • The creative P.S.
  • Why you want to tell stories
  • And SO much more!

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  • “People remember stories.” (Tweet This!)
  • “The features tell, the benefits sell.” (Tweet This!)
  • “You can mess up a lot and still be successful. The key is to always be improving.” (Tweet This!)

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    Words are mightier than the sword