BiggerPockets Money Podcast 67: How Living An Intentional Life Led to Financial Freedom With Steven Donovan

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Steven Donovan graduated from high school and went to college—because that’s what you do. He graduated from college but got cold feet when it came time to get a “real job.” So, he bounced around random jobs with no plan and no focus.

Despite his degree in finance and about $60,000 in student loan and credit card debt, he returned to the golf course that he’d been working at throughout high school and college. He also regularly played poker at a local casino, all while deferring and avoiding making any payments on his debt.

Eventually he got his first “big boy job” at a bank; however, he still wasn’t making much headway on his debt. In fact, he just kept adding to it. He ended up buying a Mercedes, quitting his job, and moving to Florida to be near his long-distance girlfriend.

But Florida didn’t work out, so he moved back home. He went back to the golf course until he found another job at a bank, moved into the city, and sold the Mercedes—at a loss, of course.

Once he got married, he began to tackle his debt. Slowly at first, bringing lunch one day a week, then two, and eliminating takeout coffee. He started “frugaling” his way out of debt, adopting a rock bottom budget in order to finally rid himself of the burden.

Steven paid off his debt in five years, in fact, while house hacking a Chicago triplex and renting his wife’s house in Florida.

They’re now debt-free, and they achieved it in a completely repeatable way, which is what makes this episode so great!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Steven’s money journey
  • How he managed his personal money and student loan
  • What his college lifestyle was like
  • The evolution of his financial position between graduation and employment
  • His experience purchasing things from Nike outlets and selling them on eBay
  • The moment he figured out his goals
  • How he purchased his Mercedes Benz and what happened after he purchased it
  • His financial and job situation going into marriage
  • The reason he and his wife have separate bank accounts and paid their own debts separately
  • The importance of having a frugal mindset and a plan for everything
  • How he got into house hacking
  • Exactly how he paid off his debts
  • How he started investing and building assets
  • Biggest reasons people worked with him
  • How important an unbiased third party is
  • And SO much more!

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