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Last Chance for First-Ever Issue of BiggerPockets Wealth Magazine (Don’t Miss Out!)

Katie Miller
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Last Chance for First-Ever Issue of BiggerPockets Wealth Magazine (Don’t Miss Out!)

As isolation and economic uncertainty ensues, the sheer volume of economic news and postulating can be overwhelming. Uncertain times call for certain measures, and that’s why BiggerPockets has been working hard these past few months to create a brand new newsworthy content source for every type of investor. We wanted to provide a curated option for the educational, meaningful content designed to help you develop a mindset that will help you succeed.

Now you can dive deep into the inspiration, advice, and data BiggerPockets has to offer, sent directly to your door six times a year in a beautifully bound magazine!

The subscription cutoff date for the first issue of this first-ever magazine is Saturday, April 25, so we’re offering a deal to those who want in on the action as early as possible. Through April 25, you can use code MAGAZINE at checkout to get 20% off your subscription, making each issue of the magazine just $4 over the next year.

Need more information before diving into a subscription? Read some FAQs below.

BiggerPockets Wealth Magazine FAQs

What is BiggerPockets Wealth?

Wealth is the newest addition to the BiggerPockets bookshelf—but it’s not a book this time! This beautifully designed magazine contains newsworthy content that will be delivered directly to your door, six times a year. Curated content and data-backed research are made accessible and easy to understand, so you can navigate tough investment decisions in an ever-changing financial climate.

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Who is the magazine for?

Wealth was designed with every type of investor in mind, especially those seeking more data-driven advice, more inspiration to find great deals, and more true experiences directly from the experts. By providing constant access to timely, success-oriented content, this magazine helps you put your best foot forward as an investor.

As Brandon Turner explains in the first issue:

“Our identity is created by the media we consume. In the same way that our friends influence our behavior, so do books, movies, podcasts, news, and magazines. Media reinforces beliefs, as well as creates new ones.”

So instead of watching another episode of The Tiger King, invest in some truly positive media written by your favorite BiggerPockets personalities. It’s the influential content needed to help you develop the mindset of a truly successful investor.

Speaking of, who wrote BiggerPockets Wealth?

Each issue is written by a collection of real estate investing experts, financial journalists, business owners, and smart investors. In the first issue, this includes BiggerPockets contributors like J Scott and David Greene, plus financial journalists like Ilana Polyak, who’s been featured in The New York Times.

You said ‘data-backed research.’ What does this mean, and how can it help me?

In the first issue, Dave Meyer—BiggerPockets’ data scientist and lead of BPInsights—provides a robust breakdown of cash flow, appreciation, and the 11 U.S. markets that are the least affected by economic cycles. Using the BPInsights database, the first issue of the magazine provides an analysis of vacancy-adjusted rent to see which cities provide the highest cash flow and lowest vacancy rates. If you’re looking for a recession-proof investment strategy, this article is a great step in the right direction!

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What else can I expect to learn in the first issue?

  • Firsthand experiences from expert investors like Joseph Asamoah. Learn how to BRRRR aggressively to generate huge returns, guarantee your rent through the government with Section 8 tenants, and also be the local hero who gives back to the local community at the same time.
  • With data and interviews from the world’s top financial advising firms, you can determine whether an active or passive fund management plan is better suited to your needs—despite bull markets, bear markets, or a recession.
  • Discover how different news cycles, like tweets from the president, worldwide viral outbreaks, and other news stories, impact the housing market you invest in. Turn the news cycle into the data points you need to prepare for your next big investment.

Will my subscription automatically renew?

You’ll be sent six issues over the course of one year. After your last issue is sent, you’ll be notified that a renewal is necessary to continue receiving the magazine. A year from now, we’ve got you covered!

How long will shipping take?

You’ll receive each issue approximately one week after the subscription cutoff date ends (typically this is the last week of the month before the next issue). If you’re too excited to wait for your content, a digital version will also be added to your Bonus Content page immediately after the subscription cutoff date. (P.S.: Don’t forget to use the discount code “MAGAZINE” at checkout!)

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Have you subscribed already?

Let us know what you think of your first issue in the comments!

Note By BiggerPockets: These are opinions written by the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of BiggerPockets.