Introducing a Better Way to Network: BiggerPockets’ Brand New Company Directory

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BiggerPockets is about to make networking a whole lot easier. Whether you’re looking for an agent, lender, partner, or any of the dozens of other people you need to successfully run a real estate business, we’re about to help you out in a big way.

I am very excited to announce our brand new Company Directory. It may not look like much yet, but this is the first step in our effort to connect you with professionals who can help grow your business.

Go to the directory and search for a property manager, agent, or accountant. Enter your location and any other specifications you require to filter your results, and see a list of the thousands of people on BiggerPockets who may be just what you’re looking for.

From there, you’ll see our new and improved company pages, which we have been working on for months.

Instead of simply a brief text description of a company, you’ll be able to see specializations, download marketing materials, and connect with companies directly from their profile. This will make finding companies to grow your network quick and easy.

Boost Your Business’s Presence With Premium Accounts

For companies and service providers, we have another exciting announcement: In a few short months, we’ll be launching an entirely new account level, which we’re calling “Premium Accounts.” A Premium Account will come with all the features of Pro, but will have a whole new layer that will allow you to expand your business’s presence on BiggerPockets though an enhanced company profile. Rather than just explaining your business, you’ll be able to:

  •      Showcase your deals, both past and present.
  •      Invite members of your team to contribute.
  •      Post marketing materials, white papers, videos, and more.
  •      Customize lead-capture forms to streamline your customer acquisition process.
  •      Much more!

This account level won’t be here until later this year, but if you’re interested, please sign up here for early access. Those who fill out this 30-second survey will get access to Premium Accounts before anyone else and will be eligible for discounts when our Premium Accounts go live.

I’m interested in a Premium Account!

Any questions about these new features? Is this something you’re interested in using?

Comment below, and we’ll get back to you!

About Author

Dave Meyer

Dave’s entire career has been spent as a part-time real estate investor and full-time data nerd -- so working at BiggerPockets is a perfect fit. Dave invests primarily in multi-family residences, and has a ton of experience being a landlord. Prior to joining BiggerPockets, Dave worked in Education Technology - both as a company founder, and in the investment space. He studied Political Science at the University of Rochester, and is currently pursuing a M.S. in Business Analytics from the University of Colorado Denver. When not working, Dave is usually eating sandwiches, skiing, or at a concert.


  1. Curt Smith

    Hi BP I get the need to raise your income. This is a logical feature, paid business memberships and Ads. REIAs do this at the local level. Makes sense.

    But what about the 95% of the value of a directory where is referrals, No one to pay for those listings? If this is just goiing to be paid (and at a decently high price) listing then you’ll not reach critical mass for the local rehabber needing a carpenter.

    I’m not raining on this, I think its a great idea!!!! But unless folks like me can load this directory up with Atlanta referrals for free, then this will mainly be a national service directory for lenders, and other nationwide services. Which is ok, as long as BP knows this is the limitation.

    Local REIAs have many (many) values which are unique and of high value. BP has its high value in education, but if you need to talk to someone who owns 100 doors, you’ll find those folks in local REIAs. Which means if you need a vetted plumber, you ask the guy with 100 doors, not angies list (retail), or BP. Since your need is hours, not weeks, Local REIAs are good for helping in minutes to hours.

    A services directory that included local service referals would mean BP could offer minutes to an hour turn around to getting a vetted carpenter too. But the listings need to be referals by members for free.

    But I’m perhaps a few years down the road and this feature needs to get off the ground as its currently structured, via higher priced membership value points. Which makes sense to me!!

    Great to hear of this.

    How about these BP improvements;

    – Improved file sharing. Used to be better, now its worse. Can’t find folks shared files to save your live. Search engine does not find files. i used to have my uploaded files visible off my profile,,, gone.

    – in general improved search. So much content is lost in long ago posts. I’d have search in each forum. To force scooping of the search result to be only that forum. Search at the top, then fool around to scope down is frustrating and doesn’t work easily. Make the files area easy to find, then search just files.

    – Put files I uploaded back on the profile. Allow searching on someone elses profile to find posts just from that author (yes its in the search filter but finding John Doe in that skinny author search doesn’t work…

    – I feel BP deletes too many posts!!!!! I can hardly refer or recommend a service without getting it deleted. I feel this is wrong. BP needs a wider range of what can be posted.

    LOL I’m full of (it) improvements but I don’t know who or how to get them added to the BP to do list?

    Thanks for a great REI learning place! Keep it up.

    But if you want to create an economic and business exchange place, the neutron star in REI market. The market place will need A LOT OF improvement. Its just a jumble of liner posts. It needs to be a true marketplace, its own forums etc etc. IE each Pro member should have 1-N store fronts I’m talking Amazon stores… See I’ve turned loose another venue of income ops for BP and value for BP members. 🙂

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