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"The daily real estate podcast that answers your biggest questions!"
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The BiggerPockets
#AskBP Podcast
Quick Real Estate Investing Q&A!

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How Would You Like to Listen?

The BiggerPockets #AskBP Podcast is all about YOU and helping you achieve wealth and financial freedom through real estate investing.

Each weekday you'll get expert advice from some of the brightest real estate investing minds in the industry, without all the BS that the other guys have. Have a question you want answered? Just use the phrase "#AskBP" when you leave a comment on the BiggerPockets Forums. You can also send out a Facebook post or a Tweet and include #AskBP and we'll see it and try to get to your question on a future show.

BiggerPockets is the world's premier real estate investing social network, with hundreds of thousands of individuals who come together to learn, network, and grow. Through the forums, blog, BiggerPockets Podcast, #AskBP Podcast, local meetups, and more, BiggerPockets exists to help you become more successful and force you to get yourself some bigger pockets!

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