Real Estate Business

Business Management can often be similar across many industries and types of enterprises. Successful real estate investors treat their investments like a business and run them professionally. This section of the BiggerPockets Blog contains articles that can help journeyman investors systematize and professionally run their real estate businesses. Topics include hiring, management, business policy, and scaling. These articles are written by some of the best investors in the business, and in regions throughout the country.

 Anthony Greer

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make?

Real estate agent earnings vary widely based on numerous factors, including experience, location, and niche. Some agents struggle to get by while others earn a comfortable living.  However, some constants…

 Anthony Greer

What Is Commingling And Is It Legal?

Commingling refers to the combining or intermingling of funds that may be coming from various sources or earmarked for different purposes. As a real estate investor, commingling can help diversify…

 Anthony Greer

A Guide To Land Trust Affiliate Marketing

You’re not alone if you’re unfamiliar with land trust affiliate marketing. However, it is quickly becoming a popular real estate marketing strategy—and can be a highly effective one at that! …