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Why Consistency is the Magic Ingredient to Ensure Your Real Estate Business Grows

Why Consistency is the Magic Ingredient to Ensure Your Real Estate Business Grows

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Engelo Rumora

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I bet you didn’t think that your success in real estate could be summarized in one word, did you? Consistency is the single amazing word that defines success.

Since we hit the new year running and cruised right through January, let me ask you something. How many of you out there set New Year resolutions? I’d be willing to bet that most of you did. I’d also be willing to bet that most of you didn’t keep them. Why? Because most people make their resolutions, post them on Facebook for all their friends to see, and brag about them at the office water cooler—but fail to write down a path to actually achieve them. Let me tell you something simple: A goal not written down is nothing more than a wish, and if you are just wishing something will happen, you might as well go sit on Santa’s lap.

Have you written down what you want to achieve five years, three years, all the way down to what you want to achieve 15 minutes from now? It’s one thing to have a goal; it’s an entirely different thing to have the path to your success completely mapped out. Everything you write down and commit yourself to will get you one step closer to what you want to achieve, and the consistency with which you follow that path will ensure your reach your targets.

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Consistency is the Magic Word Here

You have to stay absolutely consistent in everything you do to achieve what you want in life. If we are constantly changing the story in our heads, we will not stay focused on the path we set out to follow. If we really want to succeed, it’s a do or die situation. We have to be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to reach our goals, and we have to be consistent in our efforts to achieve them.

All of this relates back to all you people out there in the real estate business. Let’s look at some example of how consistency can influence your success in real estate.

  1. Bird dogs have to consistently be out in the marketplace looking for new deals.
  2. Wholesalers need to stay consistent with looking for new sellers by direct mail, cold calling, and follow up.
  3. Flippers have to stay consistent with their contractors and team to make sure their projects are coming in on budget.
  4. Buy and hold investors need to stay consistent with making sure their tenants are paying and staying.
  5. Real estate agents need to be consistently self-promoting and out shaking hands.

Anyone who follows me here on BiggerPockets may either love me or hate me, but I would doubt that anyone would accuse me of not being consistent.

How do you stay consistent in your market?

Let me know with a comment!