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6 House Features That Take Buyers From “Not Sure” to “I’ll Take It!”

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Appealing to potential buyers is key to selling a property, as tailoring the selling process to their individual needs and desires can elevate that property into something they can envision themselves living in. It’s recommended to speak in detail with potential buyers regarding these preferences, but on a more universal scale, there are certain features, additions, and finishes that tend to impress potential buyers the most. Check to see if you have all these features so you can sell your property as-is. They include:

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Gourmet Kitchen

A kitchen is such an integral part of a living space that it often tops the list of amenities built to impress. It’s where you eat, entertain guests, prepare dinner, and it is one of the first rooms you’ll spend time in after a long day. Not to mention, a gourmet kitchen can increase property value considerably, as 53 percent of young buyers surveyed noted an interest in gourmet kitchens. With those buyers representing the next wave of real estate clients, it's clear that gourmet kitchens aren't losing their luster any time soon.

Some typical aspects of a gourmet kitchen include double ovens — one being a convection oven — a microwave drawer, stone or stainless steel counterparts, and a spacious pantry. A cosmetically appealing kitchen will interest buyers who wish to entertain and show off their new place.


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Open Floor Plan

Speaking of entertaining, an open floor space is extremely accommodating to hosting guests. Plus, it prevents a feeling of claustrophobia by letting in more light, which makes a house show better. Some sellers opt to stage living or dining rooms that are rarely used over an open floor plan, though the latter is rising in popularity.

Backyard Deck

One of the best aspects of owning a home is enjoying a private outdoor space. A backyard deck is great for relaxation and entertaining, in addition to providing another space in which eat during the warmer months. Composite deck materials are preferred among many buyers because they require less maintenance and are similar to wood in appearance. Built-in decks and split-level decks are also appealing. In any case, any decently sized deck is certainly a feature that prospective homebuyers look fondly upon.

Crown Molding

This decorative feature provides ample character in rooms throughout a house, making the room feel more elegant and grandiose with a more upscale visual presence. Crown molding gives the impression of a home being more solid and well-crafted, which makes a house appear more finished. Crown molding typically costs $4 to $8 per linear foot for the labor and material.


Vegetable Garden

In addition to allowing you to truly use homegrown ingredients in your cooking, a vegetable garden is something that everyone seems to love, regardless of whether they’re a Millennial or a grandma. Vegetable gardens coincide with a long and healthy lifestyle, something that anyone making a large investment should value. Plus, buying organically each week can be cumbersome on the pocketbook, so starting a garden yourself can alleviate these costs while adding character and convenience to the home.

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Even a space for a potential vegetable garden is worth a real estate professional mentioning, as the prospect of a vegetable garden is very rarely looked down upon.

Regional Accommodations

Some places in the country are significantly less prone to major weather concerns than others, though most places have the potential for a severe storm of some capacity. As a result, it’s always a good idea for real estate professionals to flaunt the house’s ability to withstand Mother Nature. A properly reinforced garage door can save tens of thousands in case of a natural disaster. If the house already has one, it’s certainly something to tout that will be universally well-received.

These are all aspects that the strong majority of potential homebuyers will salivate over. They can play a large role in the difference between “not sure” and “let’s buy it!” among potential homeowners.

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    Melissa Mobley Real Estate Agent from Butte, Montana
    Replied almost 4 years ago
    Another great feature is closet space. Having a walk in closet I have found to be a great selling point and a want for many of my buyers.
    Soddee R. Knight Investor from Oklahoma City, OK
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Along with everything mentioned, I’ve seen school district be a selling point.
    Charles Borrelli Investor from Palm Bay, Florida
    Replied about 1 year ago
    Depends on the level of the house. While we put new cabinets and granite in our houses we will not be putting gourmet kitchens in houses with 200k price tags. You know the houses 98% of people actually buy?
    Nathan Richmond Rental Property Investor from Visalia, CA
    Replied about 1 year ago
    You can get the gourmet look on a very tight budget. I can get very nice looking stainless steel appliances on Craigslist. Yes, they are used. But if you are patient, you can save thousands and still get that rich look.
    Daryl Luc
    Replied about 1 year ago
    Location, location, location. Women pick the location and the house. The man pays for it. This is the formula. Any other approach is a waste.
    Account Closed
    Replied 12 months ago
    Thanks for sharing a good piece of information!! The more you maintain the home, the buyer attracts towards it. Creating a good curb appeal is the first thing to do while selling the home. Also, paint the walls to give a fresh appearance, repair all the damages in the home, check the proper functioning of utilities. Single structural damage or non-functioning utility can repel the buyer. Here is the list of necessary repairs that will help to attract the buyer.
    Anthony Shavies from Springfield, MO
    Replied 10 months ago
    Awesome information in this post. Was thinking about adding crown molding to my personal residence, this sealed the deal.