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3 Sites That Will Help You Find Remote-Work Tenants

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If you’ve read my previous articles on how to attract remote workers as tenants and the top features remote workers look for, you may be convinced by now that remote workers are the precious unicorns of the rental pool. I agree, and now I can help you figure out how to find these special beasts.

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Here are the three sites I use to find remote workers looking for 30+ day furnished rentals.

The Sites

1. Furnished Finders

Furnished Finders has been used for some time now by medical professionals, and they describe themselves as “Travel Nurse Housing.” They sell themselves short with that description though, as the pool of people that want furnished rentals includes nurses, corporate rentals, people new to a city and not sure where to buy yet, and now the digital nomad/remote worker set.

Furnished Finders has long been popular with nurses, and from my experience is growing in popularity with other demographics as well. The site is not only easy to use, but also cheap. They charge $99 per listing, per year, which is far cheaper than Airbnb for extended rentals.

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2. Airbnb

Did someone say Airbnb? Yes, because someone is always saying Airbnb. Why? Because it’s an easy-to-use site that has changed a ton of lives.

It always surprises people when I say Airbnb because they are used to utilizing the platform for shorter stays (usually two to 14 days) and don’t think of it as an option for longer stays. However, we have used Airbnb a lot to help us find 30+ day renters; we just limit our stay minimum to 30+ days.

The advantage of using Airbnb over Furnished Finders is that it has more volume; the disadvantage is that they charge more. Airbnb takes 3%, which for a month-long stay at $2,000 comes out to $60/month. If they stay for two months, you are already paying more than you would with Furnished Finders.

3. Facebook

The new Craigslist is so much better than the old Craigslist because people have photos and you can see what kind of stuff they are willing to publicly say to their friends before you allow them to live in your home. While Facebook Marketplace is really emerging as a strong rental platform (and a place to sell your stuff), Facebook also has lots of local subgroups for subletting and renting by the room, so there are multiple ways to advertise to remote workers on Facebook.

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I hope that helps. After some of the Airbnb laws changed in Denver and Colorado Springs, my husband and I moved our investments into medium-term rentals and have been going hard after remote workers as we believe they will continue to flood the market. Likewise, we’ve been seeing our clients pursue this strategy as well and hope to see more of these options available in the U.S.

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What sites do you use to find tenants?

Tell us your top spots in the comments.

Erin Spradlin co-owns Erin and James Real Estate. She loves working with first-time homebuyers or sellers because it is fun to help people realize their dreams and loves working with investors because she's a fellow spreadsheet nerd. In addition to working with clients on buying and selling real estate, Erin Spradlin also runs Denver Women Invest, a monthly female investing group (email her if you want in!) and educational classes on Airbnb investing and buying or selling your first home. In keeping with many successful real estate investors, Erin and James Real Estate believes strongly in giving back to the community. For that reason, they donate a portion of their commission to a charity of their client's choosing on every single transaction.
    Seth Eaton Rental Property Investor from Houston, TX
    Replied 2 months ago
    Thank you for sharing these resources, Erin. Happy holidays!
    Ed Dugan Real Estate Agent from Denver, CO
    Replied 2 months ago
    Totally agree, Erin, and I'm excited about the new channels for finding tenants and medium-term guests. I think Furnished Finder has been caught off guard by the new influx of Covid travel demands and has been slow to pivot/adapt. Airbnb and FB produce results while FF hopefully catches up and optimizes.
    Erin Spradlin Real Estate Agent from Colorado Springs, CO
    Replied 2 months ago
    I honestly prefer using FF over Airbnb. The guests I've had from FF are pretty solid and the platform isn't as obnoxious (meaning I'm not getting emails every hour from FF harassing me if I haven't responded to an email within three hours or whatever.) FF could bring their site up a little bit, but in general, I've been happy with them.
    Jeff Bosaw Rental Property Investor from Saint Louis, MO
    Replied about 2 months ago
    Does anyone have any other suggestions? I have heard of nurses having a separate site or utility companies putting up workers for month-long projects? Specialized schools that have 3 terms per year and only need 5 terms to graduate so a year and 8-month leases?