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The Holiday Debate: How Much Time Should Investors Take Off This Season?

Sterling White
2 min read
The Holiday Debate: How Much Time Should Investors Take Off This Season?

One of the biggest dilemmas real estate investors face this season is how much time to take off. Should you be upping your game and work through the holidays to take advantage of all the great opportunities? Or are the benefits of taking time off just too important to ignore?

We are fresh off of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Now Christmas and the New Year is looming fast. So how much time will you be taking off?


The Benefits of Taking a Time Out

Despite having great freedom to set their own schedules, many real estate professionals and investors fail to take advantage of it. There are definitely benefits of taking some down time.

For some, there is a real need just to rest, relax, and physically and mentally recharge. For others, there is an urgent need to take a few days or even a week out to really revisit plans and strategy. If you have friends and family, they need attention and quality time too. Those relationships need nurturing. The bottom line is that life just isn’t as fun as it could be if you don’t make time for fun and relaxation.

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Many individuals will find great returns on taking holiday days and weekends off. You might even taking a week or two out. Still, there are many who certainly don’t want to lose out on deals or become anxious seeing their voicemails and email inboxes piling up.


The Advantages of Going All-In

In my opinion, this is the best time to go all in. This is especially true for those who still haven’t achieved the goals they set out to accomplish for the year. If you’re still growing your wealth, income, or business, this is the time to go hard. You can take it easy later. You need to grab the opportunities that are on the table now and run with them. If you are just starting a business, this is a no-brainer. You can’t afford to slack off. There is always someone else out there looking to put you out of business or to beat you to the opportunities.

This is especially true during this annual holiday season. This is when most corporations and others start to slow down. During the summer, they are on fire. They are spending millions on branding and advertising, working overtime. During this season, they are slacking. The best time to push through all the noise is during this season. Key people are on vacation, nothing happens fast, and there is far less competition.

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That means you can get noticed and generate more leads for less money. You can make offers on houses with a better chance of getting a better deal. You can get more visibility for properties you are leasing or selling, and you can stand out as being a hyper-responsive pro.

While others say you should slow down to take a break, I believe that’s average thinking. If you want extraordinary results, you have to think differently.

Investors: What does YOUR holiday schedule look like?

Let me know your thoughts with a comment!

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