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How Much Can You Make as an Airbnb Host?

How Much Can You Make as an Airbnb Host?

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Jason Allen

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Thinking about renting out your property on Airbnb? Before writing the listing, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll earn as a host. Is it even worth it?

Well, here’s the quick answer: The numbers vary quite dramatically. Some hosts are able to generate more than $10,000 per month, while others struggle to make a couple hundred. But the fact is, more than half of Airbnb hosts make over $500 per month.

Keep reading to find out how you can become a top income earner with Airbnb.

How to Make Money on Airbnb

Making money on Airbnb is simple, assuming you already have a property you’d like to list on the platform. After you’ve created an account and your listing, the backend business operations are pretty much done for you. The website, marketing, payment, and daunting list of miscellaneous tasks are handled by Airbnb. Now you’ve just got to manage your property well, interact with renters online, and create a good user experience for each guest.

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How Much to Charge for Your Airbnb Rental

Ultimately, you determine your daily rate and additional fees for each listing you have with Airbnb. However, knowing how to price your property in a way that maximizes profit is a different story.

Demand is highly dependent on several variables, such as location, quality, property type, etc. However, I’ll make it easy for you—these are the three most important considerations (assuming your property is located somewhere desirable).  

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Daily rates are determined by the day of the week of the booking, seasonality, and special events occurring in the area. Certain markets may have a higher demand for weekend trips, which could allow you to increase your prices for a couple of days. Other markets—like beach towns—may have a seasonality fluctuation in demand that will impact your rate.

Events that are going on in and around your market will also play a role in appropriate daily rates. For example, if there’s a huge music festival taking place in your city next month, then you can start to raise your prices beforehand and capitalize on the increased demand.

How to Estimate Airbnb Income

If you’re still in the market research phase of setting up your Airbnb business, then being able to accurately estimate your potential income is essential. BiggerPockets Airbnb Calculator is a good place to start.

Further, there’s a program called AirDNA. This software allows you to see the matrix by peering into historical data on all of the Airbnb listings and short-term rentals in your market. However, it does cost money to use and therefore may or may not be within your budget.


If you are looking for a free option, use the Airbnb website for research purposes. By searching your local market, you will get a map of listings in your area. Click through several properties in the same submarket you’re looking to invest in, and then browse their calendar for the current month and one to two months in the future. This will give you an idea of typical occupancy. With this information, take the average number of days booked and multiply it by their daily rate.

This is a quick way to estimate the amount of revenue other listings are making in your area. From that, subtract the local average expenses, fees, etc. to get your net profit.

Run this test on several properties in your market. If the numbers are satisfying, then you may have a good location to invest in.

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How to Increase Your Profits on Airbnb

First and foremost, choosing the right property in the right location—based on numerical facts and statistics for your market—is the number one best way to guarantee success with Airbnb. After that, it’s up to you to run the business well in a way that maximizes profit.

The best way to ensure your Airbnb business is (and remains) profitable is to put the service of your guests before everything else. This means going above and beyond what the standard is to create a great user experience for everyone who stays in your property.

This includes things like stocking the fridge with drinks and snacks, having enough toiletries, providing cleaning supplies, keeping the place clean (!!!), giving your guests privacy, recommending local hot spots for food and entertainment, etc. You are basically running a virtual hotel. And even though people want the “home away from home” feel, they also want to get the service of a hotel environment to an extent.

Making it your duty to create systems and processes that serve your guests is a sure way to do well in this business.

Good luck!

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