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5 Reasons THIS Market Is an Ideal Place to Invest in 2019

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Mark my words: buy in Thornton, Colorado. Invest in Thornton, Colorado.

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I’ve been telling everyone this after already telling them to invest in Colorado Springs and also to invest in Chipotle stock circa Summer 2017. (You should have listened to me, Mom.)

And here’s a few reasons why I think it makes sense to invest in Thornton right now.

Why You Should Be Investing Here

1. The Tech Corridor.

Much to the chagrin of the natives, Colorado has been discovered and not just by the people but also by the tech companies. According to the Denver Post, 120 tech companies set up shop in Denver alone last year [1], and we know the ones with more money (ahem, Google, Amazon) have and/or are setting up in Boulder. [2]

That’s a lot of tech on U.S. Highway 36, and it goes to show that the metros near and between those two cities are going to benefit. Thornton happens to be 25 miles from Boulder and 10 miles from Denver.

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2. No one really likes Thornton (yet).

I have lots of clients who know they should move north, but none of them are excited to live in Thornton, Northglenn, or Commerce City. That is a (capital letters) MISTAKE.

3. My Orange Theory theory.

Previously called my Starbucks theory, I’ve now modified it to my Orange Theory theory, because paying for a $28 drop-in class is only appealing to a certain kind of demographic. And that same demographic has to exist to pay for glamour coffee, organic groceries, and high-end dog food. Thornton not only has Orange Theory,  but they also have Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Chuck + Don’s Pet Supplies.

My husband/business partner James once told me that Burger King does zero real estate research; they just go wherever McDonald's goes. And by extension, I am saying be Burger King because Orange Theory is McDonald's. You don't need to like Thornton or think you like Thornton, because Orange Theory is telling you: we've done the research. It's going to be really expensive soon.

car driving down interstate 36 in Colorado toward the city of Boulder with mountains in distance

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4. Rents.

Again, the Denver Post has reported that rents have grown in Thornton by 72 percent this decade. [3] Single family home prices have also increased 42 percent in the past five years.

home price data for Colorado cities

5. All the other stuff.

And, yes, millennial popularity [4] and the decriminalization of mushrooms [5] are Denver perks—but they are also reasons to think the cost of real estate in Denver will continue to go up. People will need somewhere else to live and invest outside of Denver—somewhere they previously didn’t want to live but are now okay with. And if you need further proof this is happening, travel back in time five years and see if anyone wanted to live in Colorado Springs back then.

If you haven’t gleaned as much already, I think a Thornton, Colorado, investment property is a great idea. Investing there now could result in a highly profitable income property later.

Are you listening, Mom?!







Are you looking to buy or sell in the Denver metro area? Do you have questions for me?

Let’s talk in the comment section below.


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    Mike McKinzie Investor from Westminster, CO
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Actually, I think several areas around Denver should do well in the coming decade. Thornton, Brighton, Arvada, Westminster and others. And do not think the Springs doesn’t have more room to grow as well. I heard on the news today that the Denver areA expects to grow by 2,000,000 more people by 2045. Its more of an Appreciation play than it is an income play. 3-4% Cap rates are the norm here. But it should do well for long Terner.
    Erin Spradlin Real Estate Agent from Denver, CO
    Replied over 1 year ago
    My only push back on that would just be that Arvada is pretty in demand. It’s still priced very reasonably (you can get an awesome place for $425K or less), but it is definitely a place people want to be… especially now that the light rail is up and running. But otherwise, I totally agree. Denver metro has a lot of people and has changed dramatically in the past 10 years (rents have increased 80% over 8 years), but there’s still a ton of reasons to keep coming.
    Jerry Maze Wholesaler from Portage, MI
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Great Article… makes me want to move there! Thanks!
    Erin Spradlin Real Estate Agent from Denver, CO
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Hahahaha. I’m telling you, everyone should.
    Patrick Owens from Charleston, SC
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Excellent article. What are the rental properties’ prices in these areas?
    Erin Spradlin Real Estate Agent from Denver, CO
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Thanks. Looks like the median rent on a 3 bedroom for area code 80602 is about $2100.
    Nancy N. from On the road.
    Replied over 1 year ago
    I’ll be checking it out in the near future. Thanks for sharing.
    Erin Spradlin Real Estate Agent from Denver, CO
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Thanks. I (obviously) think it’s a very interesting investment opportunity.
    Peter Schuyler from Montrose, CO
    Replied about 1 year ago
    I read your article some time back on the CO Springs boom, and I'm very interested in that are also for SFH turned into rentals, do you think deals are harder to come by now? I'm done doing our of state turnkeys for now, have a few in Memphis and looking to do more BRRRR if it is still a possibility in the Springs.