5 Achievable Tasks for Real Estate Newbies Feeling Lost & Overwhelmed

5 Achievable Tasks for Real Estate Newbies Feeling Lost & Overwhelmed

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Sterling White

Sterling White is a multifamily investor, specializing in value-add apartments in Indianapolis and other Midwestern markets. With just under a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Sterling was involved with the management of over $10MM in capital, which is deployed across a $18.9MM real estate portfolio made up of multifamily apartments. Through the company he founded, Sonder Investment Group, he owns just under 400 units.

Sterling is a seasoned real estate investor, philanthropist, speaker, host, mentor, and former world record attemptee, who was born and raised in Indianapolis. He is the author of the renowned book From Zero to 400 Units and the host of a phenomenal podcast, which hit the No. 1 spot on The Real Estate Experience Podcast‘s list of best shows in the investing category.

Living and breathing real estate since 2009, Sterling currently owns multiple businesses related to real estate, including Sterling White Enterprises, Sonder Investment Group, and other investment partnerships. Throughout the span of a decade, he has contributed to helping others become successful in the real estate industry. In addition, he has been directly involved with both buying and selling over 100 single family homes.

Sterling’s primary specialities include sales, marketing, crowdfunding, buy and hold investing, investment properties, and many more.

He was featured on the BiggerPockets Podcast episode #308 and has been contributing content to BiggerPockets since 2014, with over 200 posts on topics ranging from single family investing and apartment investing to mindset and scaling a business online. He has been featured on multiple other podcasts, too.

When he isn’t immersed in the real world, Sterling likes reading motivational books, including Maverick Mindset by Doug Hall, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, and Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone.

As a thrill-seeker with an evident fear of heights, he somehow managed to jump off of a 65-foot cliff into deep water without flinching. (Okay, maybe a little bit…) Sterling is also an avid kale-eating traveller, but nothing is more important to him than family. His unusual habit is bird-watching, which he discovered he truly enjoyed during an Ornithology class from his college days.

Sterling attended the University of Indianapolis.

Instagram @sterlingwhiteofficial

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Feeling lost and don’t know where to start in real estate?

Real estate is rewarding on so many levels. It’s a shame to witness those who don’t get to experience those results in their own lives.

Sadly, it is often not due to a lack of being aware of the advantages real estate can offer but failing to get started. It can be a little bewildering in the beginning, speaking from experience.

There is so much information out there, a whole new lingo to learn, and many options to choose from. Here are some ways to overcome these challenges—strategies I personally used to get started.

5 Achievable Tasks for Real Estate Newbies Feeling Lost & Overwhelmed

1. Peruse BiggerPockets.com.

I wish I had found this website even earlier in my career. Still, I managed to stumble across it.

There’s so much free information on how to do anything real estate-related on BiggerPockets. You can also find investors who can fund your deals or even rehab them on here. Jump onto the forums and see what others are talking about and how they did it. Get your own questions answered, but do not forget to give back. It can’t be all take, take, take.


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2. Try out an apprenticeship.

Jump into an apprenticeship. This can give you all the instruction and clarity you need. You’ll get hands on learning while you earn.

This is how I got started. I actually began working for a mentor for free. Some may think that is crazy, but I learned so much and didn’t have to go thousands of dollars in debt for it. It gave me a practical step-by-step path, and I was able to hack into years of experience and education in a very short period of time.

3. Network, network, network.

I would not have found my mentor if I did not put myself out there to meet people. Finding the right person to potentially partner with or work with can take some time. Still, while you are out networking, you’ll build up your contacts for later and may even generate some live deals.

It can be fun, too! And the more you are out there networking, the more you will learn and the more comfortable you will feel in the business.

4. Take inventory.

Take stock of your skills, talents, and passions. What is it that you are good at? What do you like doing? How can you apply that in real estate?

No matter what the answers are, there are ways to find a match. Getting clarity on this early will also help you choose a real estate strategy that you’ll enjoy and can stick with. Being self-aware helps tremendously.

I knew, for example, that I was not a number cruncher, though I excelled in other skills (like marketing, branding, etc.). So I found a business partner to complement my skills and round out those areas I struggled with.


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5. Set goals.

Set some goals and make an action plan. Set yourself some timelines. This will help you keep on track, consistently making forward progress.

Keep in mind you don’t have to know it all to get started. You can always tweak things later.

Some of those first things may simply be getting to a networking function once a week and spending 15 minutes a day on BiggerPockets. Then it may be a goal of finding a mentor within 30 days.

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to get lost when starting in real estate. But there are easy ways to get going so you can find your focus. Start with these ideas and keep building on them.

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Anything you’d add to this list?

Let me know with a comment!