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Do You Really Need a Mentor to Get Started in Real Estate?

Engelo Rumora
2 min read
Do You Really Need a Mentor to Get Started in Real Estate?

Look, in my opinion, I don’t think you need a mentor. Now, if you do get a mentor, I prefer that you just let it happen naturally. But above all, be aware that the information that you need to successfully get started in real estate is online. And not just that, it’s available online for free. There are various online forums, like BiggerPockets, that offer a wealth of knowledge. On these forums, there are are some very successful real estate investors who are happy to share their knowledge for free. You can ask them questions, contribute daily, and offer your advice and input based on your experiences. Another great platform is YouTube. There are many real estate entrepreneurs like me who publish videos on house walk-throughs, market updates, tips and tricks, and more.

Understand What Information You’re Consuming Online

Now, you do you have to be cautious because there are a lot of “gurus.” Personally, I am an anti-guru guy. I don’t believe that you should pay anyone for anything like that, especially when it comes to courses, DVDs, masterminds, seminars, mentoring, etc. If you are going to pay for anything, then it should be for a one-on-one consultation. That means you should be able to sit down with this individual and spend time with them picking their brain and learning everything from them. That’s the only kind of service that I believe you should pay for related to your real estate endeavors. Again, you can find it all for free online.

How I Found My Mentor

Now, I want to share something with you before I wrap up. I want to talk about how I stumbled upon my first mentor. When I started my journey in real estate, I became obsessed with real estate investing, entrepreneurship, business, and finance. I immersed myself in anything and everything real estate and business-related. I was reading online forums, I was buying magazines, I was watching all of the different shows. You name it, I loved it, lived it, I dreamt about it, and my whole life revolved around it.

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Then one day, I saw a a young fellow on a magazine cover with a title about how he quit his day job at 17. I immediately wanted to meet this guy and learn more about his story. So I spent the next six months keeping an eye on his online presence, emailing him, and messaging his secretary. I was very persistent. Finally, one day he invited me in for a meeting. Ever since that meeting, we have been good friends. He took me under his wing and gave me the foundation that I have today as a real estate investor. He played a big part in helping me get to where I am today by giving me that base and foundation. So I guess we can call him a mentor who became a friend whom I’ve never paid anything. That was free advice but it came because I was very persistent and showed to him I was serious about putting in the effort to become successful.

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If you have a mentor, who are they? How did you meet them?

I want to know them. Post below.

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