Here’s What a U.S. Presidential Election Means for Real Estate Investors

Here’s What a U.S. Presidential Election Means for Real Estate Investors

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Engelo Rumora

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Today we’re talking about if the future president can affect your real estate endeavors. Let’s get it started.

So, guys, the answer is this: Absolutely not.

But before I dive into that, I just want to say that I’m very impressed with all of my American friends. When I first moved to the U.S., I think there was an election going on. People had flags in their yards, and I heard arguments, fights, and discussions. You guys are very passionate about your politics. It’s kind of cool to me, being from Australia and having parents from Europe. It just doesn’t get that heated over there or in Australia.

For example, I never vote. I just don’t really care about it. I’m not into politics. It’s just not my thing. I’m just really excited for all of you because you seem very excited about it.

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Politics, Real Estate, and When & Where They Intersect

Anyway, this is why the president cannot affect your real estate investments—at least in my opinion. I was asked to try and get involved in heated discussions, and I never really wanted to. I always told everyone that I don’t really care—it doesn’t really affect me or bother me.

My business is so micro-marketed. There are a lot of other small business owners out there like me, and whoever becomes president won’t really affect us. Even for all of you single real estate investors out there, who don’t really have a business but have the desire to create a legacy through a real estate investment portfolio or additional income—in my opinion, the president cannot affect you.


The laws and regulations that the new president enforces cannot have any major impact on your real estate investing or my business. Why? Because we’re tiny little fishes. We’re small, and to be honest, no one really cares about us that much.

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I say that with the utmost respect. And being so small, allows us to be adaptable, flexible, and quick, meaning we can turn, adjust, and implement new procedures. Whatever it is within our existing business, if there is any kind of change in regulation or the economy, we can always adapt to that change.

This Is Who Should Actually Be Worried

Now, the companies like Uber and WeWork—they should be kissing all the candidates butts, because whoever becomes the president can affect their business. Why? Because they are part of the macro-market. They’re huge conglomerate companies that can shift an entire industry and the world. So, they should be “in bed’ with everyone who has a chance of becoming the new president.

For the little fishes out there, I don’t think it can affect us. Again, we’re so small it doesn’t really matter.

That is my opinion for you, guys. Don’t be worried, because who really cares. (Unless you’re very passionate about one particular individual winning for whatever reason.) I love you for it; just leave me out of it.

I think we’re all good. So, keep doing what you’re doing. Work hard, work smart, and I wish you all the best with your real estate endeavors.


How are you feeling about the presidential election and the way in which it will or won’t impact your REI business?

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America will elect its next president in November 2020. Learn how this will impact you as a real estate investor—or if it will at all.