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How to Improve Your Ranking in Airbnb Search Results

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It’s no surprise that Airbnb has an internal algorithm that filters search results similar to Google. By understanding the rules, we can optimize our listings so that they gain more visibility and make us more money.

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Before I begin, I want to mention that we’re not doing anything unethical here. We’re simply upgrading our profile so that it’s in alignment with what Airbnb has decided will make a great user experience for our guests. The end result is we will have a much better product to offer the end user.

How to Optimize Airbnb Listings

Airbnb Essentials

If you click “Progress” in the navigation bar (as seen below) on your Airbnb dashboard you will find an option called “Opportunities.” Under this section, you will notice “Basic requirements,” which details the minimum amenities that Airbnb requires of its hosts.

airbnb essentials

Minimum amenities include:

  • Toilet Paper
  • Linens/Sheets
  • Soap (Pro Tip: Get a nice looking refillable soap container and fill it with cheap soap.)
  • One Towel Per Guest (Pro Tip: Use cheap hotel-style towels.)
  • One Pillow Per Guest

There are also a few more basic requirements that Airbnb encourages you to abide by.

Airbnb likes hosts who:

  • Quickly respond to inquiries and reservation requests within 24 hours.
  • Avoid cancellations on current reservations.
  • Accept reservation requests when listings are available.
  • Maintain a high overall rating.

Remember that these are the basic minimum requirements for being an Airbnb host, so if you’re not doing at least this, then you’re probably going to run into trouble at some point. If you want to take your business to the next level, then you will need to go above and beyond what’s considered standard.

Achieve “Super Host” Status

Super Host classification is reserved only for hosts who provide an exemplary guest experience consistently, across all of their listings. It’s not something you have to apply for, so once you reach certain criteria you will automatically be awarded this title. Super Hosts get higher rankings in search results and get more guests because of their added credibility.

Businessman in suit and cape hero stand at rooftop looking great cityscape view and thinking business plan of the future . Night scene .

There are four criteria for becoming a Super Host:

  • Have a minimum of 10 stays booked on your profile.
  • Maintain a 50% review rate with an overall rating of 4.8.
  • Maintain a 90% response rate or higher.
  • Have zero cancellations except for those that fall under extenuating circumstances.

Super Host status is something that you can lose if you don’t maintain the quality of your listings, so remember to always strive to exceed the standard. This will not only pay off in the end, but it will also make for a better experience for you and your guests. As an added perk, you’ll have better peace of mind and less issues down the road, as well.

What other questions do you have about Airbnb? 

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Jason has been in the real estate business since 2015 with a primary focus on commercial investments. Over the last 10 years he has also started and operated businesses in digital marketing and eCommerce. Today Jason is an expert on Airbnb arbitrage which is a business model that allows investors to generate considerable cashflow without ever having to own a single property. When Jason isn't growing his business interests he enjoys hiking, traveling and extreme sports. If you have any questions about Airbnb or business in general don't hesitate to ask or check out the link in the bio. Good luck!

    Jason Brown Architect from Tell City, Indiana
    Replied 5 months ago
    Jason, This article is perfect timing for something I was just talking about with a host as recent as yesterday. One thing a host can do to help improve their rankings is to improve their floor plan drawings. These visuals go a long way for a potential renter!
    Jason Allen Investor from Atlanta, GA
    Replied 5 months ago
    Jason, Thanks for the feedback. I never thought of doing that.
    Blake Roberts from Fayetteville, AR
    Replied 5 months ago
    Timing of this article couldn’t have been better. My wife and I rent out our primary residence on the weekend to AirBnB guests. We were booked each weekend in May due to our location near a large college and graduation and athletic events helping drive demand. What is frustrating and is making me consider removing our listing all together, is the lack of control you have as a host to your position in the search results. AirBnB seems to “punish” you if you don’t agree to do things that they recommend. (Smart pricing, instant booking, unlocking certain dates, opening your home for disaster relief, etc) For example, we will receive Superhost status when the next assessment is conducted July 1, but this weekend we will be out of town and would love to rent our house out while we will not be needing it. We have lowered our nightly price to attract more guests bc 75% of a nightly rate is better than 100% of no booking, but we have no control over where in the search order AirBnB puts our listing. When I switch to “travel” profile and search for listings in our hometown, our home does not even show on the map unless I zoom in right on our street. Like I mentioned before, we will be come Superhosts next month as we met all the criteria, but its incredibly frustrating to feel buried in the search results and have no control of visibility on a weekend that we want to rent out. Anyone else experience this?
    Jason Allen Investor from Atlanta, GA
    Replied 5 months ago
    Blake, I understand your concern and I’m sure many people can relate. Once you get superhost you will notice a nice bump on your results. I advice people to play ball when it comes to doing what they want you to do if it makes your listings more successful. Obviously don’t do disaster relief if you don’t want to. What will drive up your listing in the results in the algorithm is “engagement”. This means being saved to wishlists, clicks, impressions, etc. Have you tried sharing your listing on social media and running some cheap ads to the page? This could help. Good luck!
    John Underwood Investor from Greer, South Carolina
    Replied 5 months ago
    I show up on the first page of an Airbnb search. There are not that many places listed on Airbnb for my lake house location. I get 95% of my bookings on Vrbo (they keep my calendar full for top dollar) and have almost given up on Airbnb getting more than a handful of bookings per year.
    Jason Allen Investor from Atlanta, GA
    Replied 5 months ago
    Some areas are better on different platforms, yes.
    Joe Kim Rental Property Investor from SF Bay Area, CA
    Replied 3 months ago
    Nice tips for newbies. Do you have any more next level tips on improving airbnb search?
    Jason Allen Investor from Atlanta, GA
    Replied 3 months ago
    Use Google Ads Keyword Planner to find terms that people often search in your market and then create headlines and creative descriptions based on that. Examine top properties in your market and model them. Share your listings across the internet.