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The Best Place to Find Real Estate Deals? Real Estate Marketplace Changes You Need to Know

Lauren Hogan
2 min read
The Best Place to Find Real Estate Deals? Real Estate Marketplace Changes You Need to Know

Hi, BiggerPockets!

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that over the last three months we’ve made big changes to the Marketplace—specifically, creating a new Real Estate Marketplace that is separate from the original Marketplace.

Don’t worry, if you need to advertise your business, the original Marketplace is the place to do it!

Note the Differences

The original Marketplace is still THE place to advertise, post jobs, and communicate other wants/needs.

  • Your posts appear like forum posts still
  • Pro members can post here up to 2x/day
  • Plus members can post up to 3x/month
  • All other members can view and comment

The original Marketplace looks like this:

Original Marketplace

The (NEW) Real Estate Marketplace is where all property listings are added and available to view.

  • The listings are visual and provide key investor information at a glance
  • Pro members can post here up to 2x/day AND see Cap Rate & Cash on Cash ROI projections
  • Plus members can post up to 3x/month
  • All other members can view and contact property sellers

The Real Estate Marketplace looks like this:

New Real Estate Marketplace Design

Today I want to share why we made changes and what we did.

Let’s start with why.

Our goal at BiggerPockets has always been to be a resource for real estate investing and to help you achieve financial freedom through real estate.

Something that we kept hearing from members is that you can’t find deals.

We have always had a buy and sell properties section of the original Marketplace. Let’s just say, it wasn’t ideal for showcasing properties aka finding deals.

So, we made it a more visual experience to ensure those looking for deals see property information that is important to make a decision AND to let property sellers show off a property as you would see on other listing platforms.

We also separated properties from the original Marketplace to allow for members to find deals posted by other members in one location and without having to apply filters or open forum post after forum post.

Now let’s dive into what.

Other BIG improvements include:

  • Single-page property uploads. Create a new listing all on one page. Mark if the property is for rent or for sale, share property and unit details, let other investors know that you have an off MLS listing (or not, that’s okay too!), and upload photos, including a featured photo to make your listing stand out.
  • Ability for users who upload a listing to edit, archive (when sold!), or delete listings.
  • Reminder to relist or archive a listing.
    • Hint: If you do nothing, your listing will auto-archive after 30 days. If you do take action and relist, it counts toward your listing maximums.
  • A map view! As you zoom in on the map, your listings get filtered by your zoom below.
  • Filtered results. Easy filtering is now available to the left of the Real Estate Marketplace.
    • Note: We are working on improving the location filtering and making this more user-friendly. Email alerts for properties that fit your filters are also coming soon.
  • Sort results. View properties by recent, high to low, or low to high.
  • Contact seller. Asking questions about the property is as easy as hitting “contact seller,” typing a short message, and hitting “submit.”
  • Investor-ready properties. We’ve partnered with Roofstock to add in their off-market listings.

Over the next couple of months, we’re adding and fixing features. You can expect to see the following added:

  • The ability to set an email notification for filtered searches
  • Integration with foreclosure properties
  • Integration with other BiggerPockets tools to help your investing activity

So far, we’ve had very positive feedback on the Real Estate Marketplace!

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What do you think?

Suggestions or comments? Let me know below.


Note By BiggerPockets: These are opinions written by the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of BiggerPockets.