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How to Set Up Your Airbnb Listing for Success [Video!]

Erin Spradlin
3 min read
How to Set Up Your Airbnb Listing for Success [Video!]

Okay, so you may still be inching your way toward your first listing, or you may be a seasoned vet looking for ways to boost your listing’s cred. Either way, my hope is that this post will help you think about the best way to list your property for maximum value.

(And, if you’re still an Airbnb virgin, on the cusp of your first time and need to learn how to start and Airbnb, please refer to some of the links I’ve listed at the end of this article to make sure your bases are covered.)

Your Place’s Location

This one is simple enough, but, if you live in a building where they monitor Airbnb (or may start to), putting in an address nearby, but not the exact address, is an option. Your out-of-town guests won’t know the difference if the listing is half a block to the west. At the same time, your building will have more trouble finding you out. (This is because the tools that scrape the Internet to find listings are automated and rely heavily on address information. Putting your pin half a block off may keep your HOA or landlord at bay for a little bit longer.)

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How Many Guests Can Your Place Accommodate?

I list that my place can accommodate for as many people as the space can sleep. So, we have one queen-size bed (2), plus two couches (2), which means we can sleep four people total. That said, it’s important to be explicit in my description that two of the guests will have to share a bed and two of them will be on separate couches. Airbnb allows you to also specify number of beds and public spaces, but set proper expectations for your guests and everyone will be happy.

Essentials & Amenities

This is a fantastic place to list why your place is a great find. Plus, think about what additions would improve your place for guests. A hairdryer? iPhone cords? an iron? A highchair? All of these extras may not pay off upfront, but your guests will appreciate them and you’ll feel it in your reviews.

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You’ve got 500 characters to talk up your place. For some people, this is a dream. For others, it’s intimidating and feels conceited. We got ya.

One place to start is: why do you like living here? And, if you were going to host your friends or family for a weekend, what would you be most excited to share with them? Making a list about why you like living where you do, and thinking about who might be inclined to come visit, can help you prioritize what should be mentioned.

Something else to think about (and add to your first line if it’s a plus), is what makes you different? Do you allow for pets? Since we live in Denver, being 420 friendly also helps our place book. And, hey guys, cigarette smokers need love too—so if you smoke in your place and are okay with people smoking there, list it because there’s a market. (I know I’m going to get blowback on that one because a whole lot of people won’t want to stay at your place if it’s a smoking place… but you should be upfront with those people before they book so you don’t get negative reviews—and instead cater to the niche that wants a smoking residence.)

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Listing Title (50 characters)

Keep it concise! One way to do this is to remove superfluous language—that is language that ends in “ly” and doesn’t add that much information, but does detract from your character count.

And, finally, consider updating your title to include seasonality. If it’s summertime and you live somewhere hot, mention your pool and AC in the title. In the wintertime if you have cross-country skis and a hot tub, mention that.

If you are new to Airbnb and still setting up your listing, consider checking out our 6 Steps to Getting Successfully Started with Airbnb (with video). Hope that helps and good luck!

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Do you have any tips for setting up a killer listing? Share them below!

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