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The 4 Social Networks You Need to Connect With Millennial Buyers & Renters

Sterling White
2 min read
The 4 Social Networks You Need to Connect With Millennial Buyers & Renters

Millennials are becoming one of the most significant age groups of real estate buyers and renters today. They are also becoming active real estate investors. If you connect with them well now, you’ll create lifelong relationships with endless repeat business opportunities.

Of course, this connection can be a challenge, especially for older real estate professionals and investors who are used to different medium of communication. If you’ve been in the business for a few years, you might still remember when we began using email and landing pages. Today, some Millennials and members of Generation Z have never written a real letter. Some might even rarely use email. If you haven’t noticed, traditional media channels such as TV and radio are outdated in targeting this generation. If you’ve noticed, the mobile phone is where most people spend more than half their day. You need to leverage that if you want to communicate and do business. You have to go where they are. That doesn’t mean cold calling and talking on the phone, either. Think social media.

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Facebook continues to be the biggest and most used social network in the world. It’s so huge and has its fingers in so many things that it is unlikely to ever go away. It may change, but it will be there for a while. Facebook is a beast when it comes to targeting prospects, and targeting is the key to high conversion rates and the best marketing ROI. If you’re a company that has rentals, you can showcase your properties on ads pushed out via Facebook, targeted at Millennials who live in a 5-mile radius of your property. Use that.



Facebook is great, but the truth is that the youngest generations are snubbing Facebook as something their grandparents use. It just isn’t as cool as it used to be. It has value for marketers, but younger buyers and investors are far more active on other social platforms. YouTube is a giant here. Billions of views and massive engagement are happening on YouTube right now. Make sure you are on it, posting videos, commenting, or publishing ads.

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Snapchat is also growing in popularity with users and real estate pros. It’s a unique tool for creating urgency and exciting, limited opportunities. Be sure to engaged with an audience on here.


Instagram has exploded since being acquired by Facebook. People who don’t like Facebook now use Instagram. Millions use both. Use it to build up a following, reach others, promote your properties, and find deals.

Have you had any luck connecting with potential business on these sites?

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