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Let’s face facts; many things have to be done between where you are currently in your real estate business and the future version of yourself that is well known by the community and creating substantial value in multiple real estate deals simultaneously. Becoming a successful real estate investor does not come without much time, energy, education, and daily action. Five serious questions to ask yourself before getting started in real estate investing


A while back, I mentioned my project installing a bathroom ceiling fan as an example of something automated systems wouldn’t help with – a dirty, uncomfortable job I had to do myself.

That doesn’t mean the job had to be nearly as difficult as it was.  I could have saved a huge amount of time if I had taken some steps to learn the building beforehand.

A Hugely Annoying Day

Like most bathroom ceiling fans, the Broan 678 actually attaches to ceiling joists.  This means that to install it, you really want to work from above.  It’s pretty darned difficult in a building like mine because there is no easy access to the attic.  I knew of three possibilities: