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meet real estate investor will barnardIts that time again . . . where we get to meet another successful real estate investor. For those of you who are unfamiliar, we will from time to time, interview investors on BiggerPockets for our Meet the Investor series. With that in mind, we’ve got a great interview for you with real estate investor Will Barnard. Will has been one of the most active members of BiggerPockets over the course of the last year or so, and has given back much to others in the community. He is a great resource and a nice guy. With that in mind . . .

Meet Real Estate Investor Will Barnard


How long have you been investing in real estate full time?

I started investing in 2004 and went “full time” in 2006.

What attracted you to becoming a real estate investor?

I have almost always been self-employed and I am a true entrepreneur at heart. I have always been interested in real estate investing; in fact, I was out looking at homes to buy, rehab and flip back in 2000, but never pulled the trigger because I felt I did not have the financial capabilities to do so — how little did I know! The fact is, I could have, had I had the right education! Real estate investing offers me the freedom to work when I want (which is actually all the time, but I love it!), make as much money as I want, as there are no limits as in a regular job, and most importantly, I love what I do.