4 Sample Investment Properties You Can Purchase With Just $10k in Savings

4 Sample Investment Properties You Can Purchase With Just $10k in Savings

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Philip Michael

Philip Michael is the founder of NYEG, a real estate and VC company with $80MM in the development pipeline.

Philip is the bestselling author of Real Estate Wealth Hacking: How to 10x Your Net Worth in 18 Months. He’s also an expert columnist who’s been featured on Forbes, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur, and other media outlets.

Formerly, he was a TV/radio host on SiriusXM and Fuse. Philip’s also the founder WealthLAB and DealFLW, a free real estate investment analyzer—both of which have been recognized by Forbes.

Philip and his team are currently developing a series of historic projects, including the first black-owned high rise in Jersey City, the first smart home development in Jersey City’s McGinley Square, and the first voice-controlled student housing building in Philadelphia.

A native of Denmark, Philip came to New York in 2014 with $79 in his PayPal account. In 2015, he joined Bisnow Media (the largest commercial real estate news source in North America) and helped lead them to a $50MM sale as national editor and director of content strategy.

In 2019, NYEG launched a Venture Capital arm, which invests in minority and/or women-owned, early-stage startups.

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I posted a story recently about quick, affordable ways to get in the asset column when all the real estate just so happens to be too expensive.

But even if you’re ballin’ on a budget, you can still play, even with just $10,000 in savings. You may not be in the league of a Billionaire’s Row high rise, but there are still deals that will get you in the game—and get you valuable experience. Here are four examples.

(Note: These deals are for illustrative purposes only, chosen randomly, to show the economics behind an acquisition. They have not been vetted and may have gone off the market at press time.) 

1. Multifamily in New York

[Image source: Loopnet.com]
What: Four units
Where: Rochester, NY
Price: $49,900
Down Payment: $7,485

It’s obviously not New York City, but the truth is you could pick up a multifamily property in the third-most populous city in New York for under $50,000— in fact, for $49,900, to be exact. (Listing here.)

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With 15% down ($7,485; $10,000 at 20% down) and a conventional financing, you can get an income-producing asset making you money right away. (It goes without saying to make sure you run the numbers first to make sure the dollars make sense.)

And a cool sidebar about Rochester? Yields are super high. Check out this 10-unit with a whopping 18.10% cap rate.

2. Quad by the Beach

[Image Source: Loopnet.com]
What: Quadplex
Where: Clearwater, FL
Price: $250,000
Down Payment: $8,750

Just minutes from Clearwater beach and golf courses, an FHA loan could get you this four-unit property with just $8,750 down, assuming it’s delivered vacant and you can occupy one unit.

According to the Loopnet listing, the deal is on the market at a 9.60% cap rate, each unit generates $750 per month in rental income, and the total take (NOI) for the year is $24,000.

Now, with to the mathematics of your mortgage, per this FHA mortgage calculator, your monthly payment (assuming a 4% interest rate, PMIs and amortized over 30 years) comes out to $1,676.14 every month.

At the very least you’ll be living that rent-free beach life—or very close to it.

3. Jacksonville Value-Add

[Image Source: Loopnet.com]
What: Four 1-bedroom/1-bathroom units
Where: Jacksonville, FL
Price: $79,000
Down Payment: $7,900

It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’ll get you going if you’re starting out.

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Financed with a 10% down payment (which is doable; a young first-time buyer scored 10% for a duplex in New Jersey 15 minutes from Midtown Manhattan), you’re in for $7,900 (plus closing costs, of course) for 3,306 square feet in the most populous city of Florida.

There’s even the option of seller financing. (Check out an epic Brandon Turner piece on that topic here.) Either way you go, the deal comes packaged with a huge 20% cap rate cushion, per the listing, leaving you plenty room for rookie mistakes.

That said, it’s a “distressed sale” (jargon for owner’s out of money), so expect some CapEx on something like this one. In this case, however, that’s not a good thing; that’s a great thing.

You see, the cool thing about a value-add play is that you can drive the value right away, increase the equity, and give a nice boost to your net worth.

4. Condo by Disney World

[Image Source: Trulia.com]
What: 3 bedroom/2 bathroom condo with pool, parks and gym
Where: Orlando, FL
Price: $135,000
Down Payment: $4,725 (FHA)

As a rule of thumb, you always want to hedge against vacancy by having as many units as possible—hence why income-producing assets always beat single-family rentals in that regard. 

With SFRs, you can go from 0 to 100% occupancy quickly, which carries greater risk. With 10 units on one mortgage, the remaining nine tenants are there to service your debt.

(Interesting aside: The multifamily vs. SFR is a heated debate that rages on amongst investors.)

All that said, this here is a nice little deal close to Disney World, for very little money up front, that could make you a few bucks as well when you’re not in town. (Note: This particular deal is “for sale by owner,” meaning he may prefer cash deals.) 

This deal (see listing here) comes with fancy amenities like a lake, swanky pool, a full YMCA-style basketball court, and a gym. Orlando is a tourist-heavy city and prime for Airbnb. Similar pads go for $60 a night, which opens up the door for extra income.

For a first-time investor with $5k saved up paying rent, a lake and a pool are not be the worst places to start.

Have you stumbled across deals with accessible price points in your market lately?

Let me know your thoughts with a comment!