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How We Tripled Our Portfolio Through Creative Entity Structuring [Video!]

Matt Faircloth
1 min read
How We Tripled Our Portfolio Through Creative Entity Structuring [Video!]

Most investors don’t realize how entity structure can help exponentially grow your real estate company. In today’s video, I share how we have grown our rental portfolio significantly over the last several years as a result of creative entity structure.

Now, I am NOT an attorney, however, as a result of being in the rental business for the last 10 years, I have learned a bit about structuring a business that involves multiple entities. I share how we got started with owning property in our own name to building and owning a company (DeRosa Group) that is our own property management company and is the flagship of our brand.

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How to Structure Your Portfolio to Prepare for Expansion

I discuss exactly how we are structured and hope this video inspires you to structure yourself properly in order to position yourself for expansion!

Let’s get some discussion going! What am I missing? Do you agree with the structure I have laid out, or have you structured your real estate company differently?

Thanks, as always, for watching!

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