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5 Ways to Use Facebook in Favor of Your Real Estate Investing Business

Nathan Brooks
3 min read
5 Ways to Use Facebook in Favor of Your Real Estate Investing Business

Facebook can be an absolute game changer for your business. With it, you can share information and spread ideas—literally across the world.

Social networks like Facebook allow you to connect with like-minded people, those who are interested in similar topics or participate in the same activities as you. And these connections can create massive value for you and your business, too.

But what’s the very best part about the ‘Book?

It’s free!

Just by spending four to five hours a week using Facebook for your business, you can experience tremendous success with NO added expense. It’s all about sharing knowledge, creating connections, and helping others in your community by posting applicable content.

If you don’t already think about Facebook this way, here are five features of the networking site that can positively impact your business—at zero cost to you.

5 Facebook Features to Use in Your Favor

Facebook Live

Live videos have completely transformed the way you are able to communicate with an audience. You can walk a property, share a crazy story, or get communities excited about whatever’s happening at the moment by showing them in real-time! You can even add someone else onto a video and interview them live.

Share Photos

Add photos to your posts! Don’t just publish blocks of text on your page, post pictures along with it. Yes, some great quotes or leadership ideas do get traction, but not nearly at the same interaction rate as photos or links accompanied by photos.

The best photos tell a story or share an experience. Make sure images are well lit, clear, and professional-looking.

For pictures accompanying text, ensure there’s a purpose and congruence. Considering using stock photography or pictures from events.

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Join Groups

If you become a member of groups, the posts you make on Facebook can do double duty. Did you post a link or photo on your page? Now share it to the group’s page.

For instance, when I have an available rental home, I will post a few pictures and a brief description on our turnkey site, and then share it to local groups relevant to rentals and sales.

Or if my company has an event coming up, I would first post it to the business page, and then share it with applicable groups. (Note: Tailor the copy to your audience. You may have to slightly change posts for it to make sense to certain groups.)

But don’t use groups to push people hard to do something. That’s not what people want out of social networking.

The best posts that get the most activity conjure up feelings, emotional responses. Make your viewers think, “That is SO awesome!” Or, “I want to rent that house!” Or, “I want to add that property to my rental portfolio!”

If the audience has a visceral response to the post, they are likely to respond and interact with you because of it.

Ask Great Questions

When you ask questions, you create an opportunity for people to share their opinions and connect with the community. Think about the context of your page, and ask questions that make sense relative to what is happening within your business or on a group page.

On my business page, the most successful post ever asked, “What is your favorite quote?”

It was a grand slam! Almost everyone has a go-to quote, and lots of people love to read them!

It was amazing seeing so many people interact and talk about quotes and things that inspired them. And these interactions make people feel more connected to the community!

Make sure you, as the manager or administrator, are consistent with the tone, style, and approach to communicating on your own page or within groups. What is the culture like? Are people helping others? Is there bickering, or are people kind?

All of these things matter!

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Schedule Posts

Scheduling is important for a few reasons. Facebook now allows you to schedule an entire week of social media in advance. Select specific times for posts to publish based on traffic metrics (find these in the “Insights” section of Facebook).

This stream of scheduled content can have a massive impact by proving to your audience that you can be relied on for steady, high-quality posts.

Change your scheduling periodically. See what happens. Check Facebook “Insights” to find out what’s working and what’s not.

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Final Thoughts on Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

Although traditional methods of digital advertising are also terrific, Facebook is a great way to expand your reach, sell more houses, buy more deals, and get connected to both real-life and virtual communities you care about. Review old posts and monitor what gets the most activity.

Take note of what people really engage with and comment on. Then, get after replicating those kinds of posts—and therefore those kinds of results!

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What kind of social media strategies do you use in your business?

Comment below.

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