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The 5 Things a Private Money Partner Really Cares About [Video!]

Matt Faircloth
1 min read
The 5 Things a Private Money Partner Really Cares About [Video!]

When talking to new private money partners, investors often jump in too quickly and talk about the actual deal they are raising private money for. They talk about the location, the market, where they got the deal, the numbers, and of course, the potential return the private money partner could make if they invest in the deal.

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Yes, private money partners do care about the deal and the returns they are going to make. However, this is not the first thing they care about.

5 Things Private Money Partners Care About

When presenting and talking to new private money partners, you have to put yourself in their shoes. You have to think about their perspective first. What do they care about? What is important to them? If you want to build long-term relationships in this business, you have to first consider the perspective of the private money partner (verse simply focusing on your own goals and what is important to you).

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In today’s video, I teach that about the details new private money partners care about most:

  1. Trust
  2. Protection
  3. Use of money
  4. Return of capital
  5. The deal

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What have you found to be areas new private money partners care about?

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