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Assumptions vs. Reality: Who Really Invests in Real Estate? [Infographic]

Lauren Hogan
1 min read
Assumptions vs. Reality: Who Really Invests in Real Estate? [Infographic]

What does the average real estate investor look like?

When you envision the stereotype of a real estate investor, you might conjure up a nondescript businessman in an expensive-looking suit working in a high-rise in New York.

But what pieces of that stereotype are true—and what are a figment of Hollywood lore? Let’s dig into who really invests in real estate. While some typical perceptions might ring true, it turns out that the “average” real estate investor might be a bit different than what most think.

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BiggerPockets Study: Who Invests in Real Estate?

The Anatomy of a Real Estate Investor Infographic 1

Do any of these data points surprise you? What do you find predictable—and what do you find not-so-predictable?

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