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7 Tasks Wholesalers Can Easily Outsource to Virtual Assistants

Marcus Maloney
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7 Tasks Wholesalers Can Easily Outsource to Virtual Assistants

There are many books that discuss the advantages of productivity in the marketplace. World renowned speakers train large corporations on productivity. Productivity is essential in the development of your wholesaling business. Without the use of virtual assistants, you will be limited.

Productivity defined by dictionary.com is “the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services.” With this definition in mind, let’s explore using VAs.

Where to Find Good Virtual Assistants

Finding a quality virtual assistant is not as hard as it may seem. I was reluctant to use virtual assistants because I am a hands-on person. I used to be the author of “it won’t get done right unless I do it.” But I learned quickly that others are more qualified and can simply do the job better.

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So where do you find quality virtual assistants? Try Fiverr.com, Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, just to name a few. By creating a free account, you will be able to post your job and virtual assistants will be able to bid on the project.

Here is what you must have when looking to hire:

  • Clearly defined job description
  • Expertise needed
  • Project timeline
  • Project budget


7 Tasks You Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants

So you know what project you need completed, but maybe you are unsure as to whether you can find a VA able to complete the task. I’ve used VAs for numerous tasks, and I have only scratched the surface. Here is a list of projects I’ve had my VAs complete:

  • Lead generation and management
  • Cold calling (investors and sellers)
  • Document preparation
  • Marketing, i.e. email dissemination, website design, video editing, sound editing, list scraping and cleaning
  • Social media marketing
  • Database management
  • CRM development

I can go into depth on each project I’ve had completed, but that would be extensive, so I will just touch on a few.

Lead Generation

In wholesaling, lead generation is critical. I was able to assign my virtual assistant the task of scraping Craigslist, FSBO.com, and cold call sellers. This was a task I did not want to do. The virtual assistant I used for that task had great phone etiquette and was fluent in English. Actually, when we first spoke, I was so impressed; I thought he was in the States.

I also had this same VA mine my cash buyers list to qualify my buyers again to ensure they were still active.

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Although I have not delegated this task yet, I’ve heard of other investors having their VA generate their mailing leads list. I guess I still hold the fear that I can find those leads better than my VA would. I do, however, have my VA produce the mail piece that I send out, obviously with my final approval.


Digital Marketing

Lead generation as mentioned above encompasses marketing, but this section pertains to digital marketing. The easiest assignment for VAs in my opinion is web design and development. The cost for web design is minimal, especially if you are clear on your needs and expectations. I’ve had websites created, email marketing campaigns formalized, and videos edited for almost pennies.


Take the plunge and get out of your comfort zone. Become highly productive by incorporating VAs in your business. I am currently exploring new ways to have VAs do more lead generation.

If you have used VAs, please share how. If you found them effective, let’s hear your testimonials and war stories to encourage and inform others on the productivity of outsourcing.

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