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Why Some People Will Never Succeed (& Others Always Will)

Why Some People Will Never Succeed (& Others Always Will)

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Steve Rozenberg

Steve Rozenberg is the Head of Investor Education for Mynd Management. In this rol...

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What is the number one reason that some people succeed and others don’t, in any economy and in any environment?

We are going to dig deep into this question. We all know many people who, in multiple different environments and different situations, always seem to find a way to come out on top and win. And yet we know other people who always seem to find a roadblock or a problem or an issue in everything that they do.

So, what causes this to happen? Why is it some people are ultra-successful and other people find nothing but fault and failure?

What Are You Focused On?

Remember that 70% of the things that go through our head are negative self-talk. When we watch the news, when we listen to other people, when we look at the economy, sometimes we can only find what’s wrong. We will find any reason why something won’t work and why something is going to fail.

But if you look at the people who succeed, they’re always searching for the solution. They’re not looking at the problem.

I always tell people that when you hit a problem, it’s like hitting a bump in the road when you’re driving your car. It is now behind you in the rearview mirror. If you try driving your car with your rearview mirror, you are going to crash, because you’re focused on the problem. The windshield in front of you is the solution. Start focusing on the solution and what you can do to fix the situation.

The problem has already happened, and you cannot change what happened in the past. You can, however, change where you’re going in the future. That’s why the windshield is so big, and the rearview mirror is so small!

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See the Possibilities

For example, when considering a deal, there are some people who will look at it and say, “Wow, I could make so much money. I see the potential. I see the possibilities. I see all the things that will make this deal a success.”

Yet there are other people who will look at this same deal and they will tell you why you shouldn’t buy it, why the numbers don’t work, and what all the problems are going to be with it—basically talking themselves (and maybe you) out of buying the deal.

Both of you are right. It just depends on how you’re looking at it all, what your strategy is, and what you are going to make out of the situation.

Make sure that when you are making decisions, you’re making them based on facts and data—not emotions. And always be focused on the solution, not the problem.

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The Bottom Line

It takes just as much energy, just as much thought, to think positively as it does negatively. But your brain will never identify a positive situation or solution if you’re always telling yourself what could go wrong. And if you think positively and you think toward solutions, you’ll start finding opportunities that you would never find before.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you do need to be realistic and you do need to make sure that you’re protecting yourself. However, don’t do this to the extent of always talking about the worst-case scenario and never looking at what the possible solutions are. You’ve got to really think about how you can become better by opening up your mind and thinking of what could happen, possibly, rather than all the negative things that you think might potentially happen.

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How do you keep up an optimistic and forward-thinking mindset?

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