5 Reasons You Should Work at BiggerPockets

5 Reasons You Should Work at BiggerPockets

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I am often asked, “Why do people choose to work at BiggerPockets?” I always respond by saying, “We are different than most VC [venture capital] startups, and that is what makes BiggerPockets stand out.”

I’ll preface the following by saying we do cover the basics on the employee perks list:

  • Company paid healthcare for our employees
  • Competitive PTO
  • Ping pong tables

However, we stand out because we are (proudly) bootstrapped and because our focus is on creating an environment for people to grow, develop, and succeed as the company does. Since we are bootstrapped, we don’t offer the shiny VC startup benefits such as an in-house chef, free gym membership, and massage days, but it has caused us to focus on an important aspect of any company: culture.

Our company culture is defined by what we stand for as an organization. Here are our 5 defining features.

5 Reasons You Should Work at BiggerPockets

1. Together, we create a super team.

BiggerPockets attracts unique and talented individuals who, when combined, make a super team. All our team member are supportive, humorous, and dedicated. People can genuinely be themselves at BiggerPockets, and there is never a dull moment.

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2. Our mission every day is to change lives.

It is wonderful getting up and going to work each day knowing you are helping people achieve their life goals—and BiggerPockets genuinely does this through real estate investing. We receive thank you notes, thank you emails, and the occasional free meal from BiggerPockets members who want to thank the team for helping them change their lives.  

3. We (actually) believe in our core values.

At some companies, the core values hang on the wall, but not at BiggerPockets. Our employees truly believe in our core values. One of our main values is “family over everything,” and the company strives to provide flexibility and balance for our team members so that they can always put their families first.

4. We’re genuinely enthusiastic about real estate and finance.

You cannot be in the office and not hear advice, tips, or the inside scoop on real estate investing and finance. You can always expect to learn something new such as how to save on meals, how to make supplemental income, and how to retire early.

5. We strive to grow our employees.

We are still growing, and while we have a proven business model, we are just getting started! Joining BiggerPockets is a chance to get on the ground floor of a growing company. We welcome people who want to take ownership of their position and grow with the company. So, if you like challenges and want to develop your career, this is the place for you.

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Are we perfect? No. We still have growing pains and are figuring things out as we scale. However, I can guarantee that finding a group of people who is as talented, motivated, and inclusive as the BiggerPockets teams member is going to be really hard.

Ultimately, our team members are in charge of their careers, and BiggerPockets offers a great platform for growth. We have worked hard to attract diverse and talented people, and if you are interested in joining our team, reach out via our dream job listing or one of our open positions.  

Any questions about the BiggerPockets culture or work environment?

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