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  • New investor looking for bookkeeping advice
    Replied September 18, 2019
    QBO with class tracking is the industry standard. The Plus version is the only type that allows for that. There is a monthly subscription fee, but it's simply the cost of doing ... See more
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  • What do you deduct for your real estate tax reporting?
    Replied September 17, 2019
    Its going to depend on your investment type. For the typical buy and hold held in your personal name, check out Schedule E for a list of common expenses. Typically, depreciation... See more
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  • Young Navy Dentist looking to start investing
    Replied September 17, 2019
    Welcome to the forums @Chase Gottschalk and congrats on the graduations! We used to have an office on Prospect near the Whole Foods. I know the area well and it looks like there... See more
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