18 June 2019

I have worked with the team at and they are knowledgeable, responsive, professional and transparent. Their team consists of subject matter experts in various sub-areas and they really know what they are doing. At the time of this writing, I'm a limited partner in some of their real estate investment deals. Prior to becoming a partner, I met with the team on a few occasions when they visited my city, attended many of their conference calls and asked questions until I was comfortable with their answers.
It is important to note that I have also done value-add investing on my own and I'm comfortable with the concepts , the various phases and the terminology used.

14 June 2019

The team at is second-to-none! I placed an investment in an apartment complex in Knoxville, TN. PassiveInvesting has delivered exactly as promised. My dividend arrives in my self-directed IRA account every month like clockwork and I am looking forward to a nice ROI on future transactions.