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This document is used to determine hard money transactions only. You can use it if you are buying or if you are selling using the hard money method. All fields need to have a number in it otherwise the sheet will not function. There is also the option to upload a picture and present it to potential clients or keep for yourself. It is not an excel sheet but a file you download and have as a desktop icon on your computer for fast access. If you have any questions on the program please contact me, I will be happy to assist you. Please rate this spreadsheet program after you have downloaded it and tested it out.

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This program is very helpful. However I have discovered a bug in the program for the "Simulate Average Rent" option. The "Effective Gross Income" is adding the "Vacancy" and "Rent Revenue" figures together, instead of subtracting. The simulate conservative and high rents are working as expected.

Kelvin K. | over 6 years ago