Good 1031 exchange books.

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Im looking to educate myself about 1031 exchanges. Does anyone have any suggestions on some good books on the topic?

When I did my parents I didn't find any good ones. Just be careful the age of any you do find. As tax laws change.

I personally  just picked the exchange coordinators brain. He was worth the money :) Also look on the blog part of this site. I believe there are some great articles on the topic.

@Devin Berrian  Unfortunately complete books written for the general public on the subject have been scarce since it is such a peculiarly narrow subject wrapped in legal voo doo.  Of course the other problem is that we have to be very careful about product marketing in the forums.  

That being said I'm only aware of one book written in the last decade for the regular investor dedicated solely to sec. 1031. And that was just about 10 years ago.  Although there have been relatively few tweaks in the statute and more importantly case law within statute enforcement, these tweaks can make a huge change in outcome for the tax payer.  You've really got two good choices.

Go to a law text supplier and find a compilation of statute and case law.  These are thorough and expensive and you'll probably end up hiring an attorney to interpret.

Or do exactly what @Elizabeth Colegrove said.  Interview QIs. Compare their answers.  Always always always bounce what their telling you off your own cpa and legal counsel.  And let them deal with you very specifically on your unique situation.  Most good QIs charge for doing exchanges not for the consulting that surrounds them because they know the complicated nature of the beast.  There's some really good ones out their and like Elizabeth said, getting their counsel is worth your money.

you won't need info on a 1031 exc. until you have an empire, and want to sell out and invest elsewhere. It is just a tax shelter. Not really any book needed. Just a good tax planner. 

The company I used for a 1031 exchange has some good information at the different "tabs" on their website, so try reading at the link below:

I like the one from First Tuesday publishing in riverside, Ca

You can search for their CA real estate education site and buy the book really inexpensively. 

I'd post their website but BP moderators frown on it. The URL extension is dot us, not dot com. 

I used their book to do a number of exchanges to help my friends and engineer my win exchanges. Ti day, I'd rather write a check to someone like Jack Shea. Come to think if it, maybe there's a book from attorney Mark Warda. .

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