Qualified opportunity zones - map

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Hey all. I was curious about Qualified opportunity zones and where they were located, so I created an interactive map. It allows you to start with the state, then the county and finally it will show the census tracts on a map along with zip codes, roads, etc...

Sample of my area (Arizona > Maricopa > Phoenix/Scottsdale)

Here are a few tips:

  • When you first go to the page you will only see the visual in the upper left corner (state). Once you select a state the counties in that state will show up. Select a county, or counties (by dragging a box) and then those will show up in the bottom visual
  • Hovering over an will show you more detailed information
  • The controls on the left of each map will allow to zoom in (+), zoom out (-), reset zoom (home icon), or more options (>) . You can also zoom in or out with your scroll wheel
  • Non contiguous states are currently excluded, you can add them back in by using the filter in the state map area

Hope you all enjoy! Link

Feel free to leave feedback

In order to make the viz faster/smaller I generalized the polygons to within .05 miles of the original points. All that means is that the census tracts are not 100% accurate.

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