Hello Everyone!

First of all I understand some may not, if anyone are Accountants, and cannot give any actual legal advice... Legally. But Generally speaking here it is.

I know many of you have multiple properties and some even outside your state. Most of you probably even have more than one business. Hopefully some of you are like me and primary job makes you move around.

My question is, how did you or do you structure your business? I own a few websites for what is a niche style business. I also do marketing for a company and plan to expand that, and I am getting into real estate investing.

What I was thinking was an S-Corp, then a DBA for my niche business , a DBA for a Marketing Business, and a DBA for my real estate (3 properties for each DBA). I believe if I got sued on a property, the DBA's could all get sued since they are under the same s-corp is this right?

I move around and that is the issue, I am a legal resident of Florida, and that is where my license is through. I planned on making s-corp through Florida state, and the DBA's but I am not sure how that works business taxes wise when I live out of North Dakota presently. Do I need to re-apply for each when ever I move states?

Any advice or guidance would be appreciated!