Starting out.

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hey guys I'm here in Utah and I'm just staring out with no money and bad credit. 

I want to get started but don't know to get the info to people etc so I can start making money here very soon and move up in life. 

Welcome! There are great REIAs here in Utah. SLREIA, in Salt Lake. Utah Valley REIA, Norther Utah REIA and Utah REIA. All have monthly meetings (like $100 a year to join) and luncheons (free). Start networking and getting to know other investors, learn the different types of investing, pick one you want to focus on and learn about it. There are plenty of ways to get started with no cash in pocket that you just need to learn! Then get at it! I have a ton of free info on my website if you want to check that out.


Just immerse yourself in it and try to find what works for you.

The ultimate beginners guide is tremendous but i think my favorite resource are the BP podcasts! They are tremendous, seriously tremendous (imo)!!!