REI, Graduate School, or both

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Hi Everyone,

My situation is similar to another BP member who started a thread earlier.

I am 34 years old and thinking of pursuing a career in social work. I have narrowed it down to three grad schools for a masters in social work. I currently gross $73,000 working full-time. Getting this degree will not give me a lot more money but a more stable career. I have excellent credit (FICO score 815) and saved up $105,000. I have no debts either but I have nothing to show for it (no assets).

What my question is should I continue to pursue grad school or both?

Please ask about any details I left out.


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Hi Russell,

Thanks for replying. My goals is passive income. I think REI will get me there faster but I want a change of career as well. I have been a neurodiagostic technologist for almost nine years and wanted to pursue a different career. The programs are 100% online. So, pursuing both is very feasible.