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So I am pretty excited about something I recently implemented. I honestly don't remember if I heard of this on a podcast (I'm up to #88 and counting) or thought of it myself. Anyway I was driving home last week and saw the mailman pulled over on the side of the road. I stopped and went over to him and introduced myself as a resident of the neighborhood and also a real estate investor. I then asked him if he knew of any houses that had been vacant for a while. Right off the bat he rattled off seven different addresses that he could think of. I then of course thanked him, gave him my business card, and said that if any of the leads (or future ones) turned into a profitable deal (wholesale, flip, etc) that I would definitely financially reimburse him. We shook hands and went on about our business.

Today I drove by all seven properties which all have potential and definitely looked vacant. I talked to neighbors on a few of the houses had a resident that had died in the last year (aka probate???). Anyway my plan is to look up all of the addresses on my local tax website (which shows the owners name and address) and send out letters to them to generate interest. Will keep everyone posted but Im excited to at least start taking some sort of action and start implementing what I am learning.

Any feedback or ideas is as always appreciated.

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Ok so a quick update for everyone. I looked up all eight properties that I visited on the city tax assessor's website. I was able to find out the owners name and mailing address and three of them were different (aka absentee owners :) Yea)

I went out and box a 20lb yellow pad, created a word template that would print on it and look pretty close to hand written, printed out letters for each of the properties, and will be mailing them out tomorrow.

. I talked to the neighbor of one of the houses who told me the " Dad" had died a year ago and they had tried selling it but no one bought and it has just sat there. Another neighbor on another property said the owner was renting it out but it had been vacant for a while due to previous renter trashing the property.

Im hoping those two properties will be "motivated sellers".

Its a small amount to start with, but at least I am getting started

 Wish me luck and as always any and all comments and tips are appreciated.

@Robert S. was wondering if you were able to close on any of the leads that the mailman gave you? Have you tried to make contact with any other mailmen in your area to ask the same thing? I have actually be meaning to do this myself.  Well, here's wishing you a successful 2017!

I kind of got sidetracked and haven't done a lot with them yet.

I recently moved about 2.5 hours away from that area and haven't been marketing at all for a few months as I was busy with the move, finishing grad school, etc. I actually started marketing for that area again within the last week and have kind of shifted over to pulling Absentee Owners from

I still plan on traveling back to the area from time to time and will be stopping the mailman when I see them.