After College Options - What Should I Do?

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I’ll be graduating college here soon with no debt thanks to my awesome parents! I have been searching for a job and plan to have one soon, but until then I have a job at a local company I can work until I find an entry level position. I would like to move out of my parents home as soon as possible and I just wanted some advice and critique on the thoughts I’ve been having. I am willing to just rent an apartment of my own for cheap somewhere, but I have also been considering getting a mortgage for a small multi family property like a duplex and triplex to live in one unit while renting the others out. Is this a possibility for me soon? I have been researching properties like this in my area and it would be very possible to get one for under $50000 and some as low as $30000. I know an FHA loan would be a good option for me but I’m just seeking some advice. Thanks!