Cutting the house in half.

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I need to get creative. Am I able to take a single family property and transform it into 2-3 units? Is there any laws that would prevent me from doing this? The house is 4,500 sqft., XL backyard, koi pond, very well landscaped. 6 beds, 4.5 baths. Can I transform this property into a 2-3 unit multifamily, legally speaking?

I would imagine you would then need to add the additional kitchens per unit and have it zoned for multifamily. Each city/state is different.

 I think the only other similar option would be to decided to rent out rooms specifically and use the rest of the house as common areas...

Just keep in mind you will also need several kitchens and entrances for each unit and that can get pricey ! Dividing up a house could and likely will hurt its value by quite a bit and you better be sure on the zoning and city . You’ll need separate utilities ovens refrigerators washers heaters ac units and meters . This could get expensive . I’d really look at those numbers before you break out the sledgehammer

I am willing to bet that a house of that size with a Koi pond is in a fairly nice area that’s zoned residential, single-family. And you will not be able to rent it out by the room or divide into multiple units. But learning your zoning and all the specific requirements is an excellent idea as an investor. It will help you find opportunities that are overlooked by others.