My first real estate investment

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I’m currently in escrow on my first real estate investment and I’m proud to say it’s a quadplex in a great location in Houston Texas. I’m currently looking for a good cost effective home insurance carrier, would anyone have recommendations? Also, what prices are typical for the Houston area. I’m from Los Angeles and comparing prices it seems very expensive here. Thanks in advance

I am closing on my first deal, since joining BP.  Congratulations. I got insurance yesterday. My local realtor (where I bought the duplex) gave me the name of an insurance company. you may try that.


Hello and welcome to this site Darlington!  I hate to be the one that tells you this but you are looking for information you should have before you make your first offer.  The only reason I  can think of not knowing that information that is you got an unexpected opportunity to make that offer before you were able to find out the information you needed to get before your offer was made.  You could get that information from from local Houston- based Agents.  They also could help on the Insurance reference information.  I would only ask local people that have that experience.  Good luck to you!