How to Maximize Cash-Flow and Reduce Expenses!?

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Hey BP Community.

I have been in the RE game for around 5 years and it's going really well.
I own 5 properties that equal 9 units now that I rent out furnished and usually shorter term (1-4 months).

I manage the places myself and charge pretty high rents since its shorter term and furnished.

I pay for all utilities, and wifi etc. 
I am looking for ways to maximize my cashflow by reducing my expenses.

Curious for suggestions that make a difference!  Thank you for your time and suggestions :) 

@Brett Robinson what are your expenses? If you're looking to reduce the utilities only

low flow faucets and shower heads

dual flush toilets

lower the temp on the water heater.

Make sure the HVAC filter is changed monthly

Preset thermostat.

Yea really utilities are the biggest expense and obvious place to start. Thanks for your suggestions! 

Are these all things to change right away or do I generally wait for them to fail and then replace with the better more efficient options?

Really my only other expenses are insurance, taxes and mortgages.