Slowing Down Stock Market Investments

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Hey Yall!

Currently, my wife and I put $17,000 into Roth/Mutual Funds for Retirement a year(also do matched 401K contributions but I refuse to give up matching), Because the stock market is at record highs AGAIN, I am debating discontinuing these contributions for the next year or two which could easily turn into another investment downpayment. Thought process being that if the market corrects I will have the cash on hand, untouched, and can turn it into a guaranteed property in 1-2yrs. Then, if/when the market dips again, I will begin the contributions again. Wanted to gather some input because obviously upfront it sounds like a good idea, but there are ALOT of you on here smarter than me. Just thinking of ways to maximize our money while we are young an can afford to take a few risks.

Looking forward to hearing what you all have to offer on this subject!


My wife gets "matching" at work too, so I still contribute...just for the free money.

For the most part though, I try to avoid the stock market...or anything else where the "thermometer" for success/failure, is based on percentages instead of dollars. I hate percentages for investing, and never make my REI decisions based on any formula (other than CoCR) that relies on, or focuses on, percentages. They are extremely misleading, and considering our nation's very poor IQ in math, it can be very dangerous too.