Questions to Ask a Mentor?

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I am fortunate to be in a position where I have a few people in my life to mentor me in my real estate investing. Not to the extent that they'll hold my hand for the next five years, but enough to bounce some questions off of. I have a lunch date setup with someone who has some experience in real estate investing. Their strategy is exactly what I'd like to implement. They currently BRRRR a lot of properties out of state and that is exactly what I'd like to get into.

My question is, what kind of things should I ask them? 

  • - How did you start out?
  • - Where do you get your financing? 
  • - How do you find contractors, real estate agents, property managers, etc? 
  • - How do you choose the area to invest in?

@Adam Rasmussen I like to ask "what mistakes have you made that you think I could avoid in my own investing career". BTW I have found that some of my mentors/advisers are easier to get on a short phone call with as opposed to doing coffee or lunch. Time truly becomes your most precious commodity, and I have found myself already moving away from in person meetings.