Researching rent figures

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Is asking a realtor basically the only way to know what rents are in a given area?

Zillow has a rental property search feature but everyone says Zillow is not that accurate.

Trying to research rents in a market...

Thanks for any help!

@Christopher Davis is a great resource for this where you can get actual data on rent of a given type of property in an area.  Zillow can give you an idea, however, it isn't very accurate because what you are seeing the asking price for rentals, not what it actually ends up renting for so it can be quite skewed.  Investor savvy agents could help you out, but talking with local property managers would be the best route as they should have detailed info on what types of units rent for in a given area of town. 

@Scott Passman Thanks so much. I know rentometer, I’ve used it a bunch so I don’t know why I didn’t mention that. I guess my next question would be if rentometer is accurate. Talking to a property manager is a great idea.

Updated almost 2 years ago

Rentometer is also subscription based, which is not quite worth it right now for me.