Finding a good contractor

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Good morning everyone,

While reading and listening to the BiggerPockets podcast, I realize how hard it can be to find a legit contractor. What are some of the things I should look for, or be aware about when interviewing contractors.

On the BiggerPockets podcast it was mentioned that I should look for referrals, and other methods but it can still be tricky.

Thank you all in advance!

  1. Check their reviews online. Read any negative reviews and determine how bad their behavior seems to you, and feel free to ask the contractor to explain their bad reviews. A significant number of bad reviews (especially in the last 2 years) clearly indicate a pattern and you should think twice about hiring this company.
  2. Do a contractor license lookup online. In California, you should navigate to Here, you can confirm the company you’re considering has an active license, check company owner names, see if they have any infractions on their license, and determine how long the company has been licensed.
  3. Get a copy of their insurance certificate and call their insurance broker. Ask whether they have had any insurance claims in the recent past.
  4. Call at least 3 references and take a look at pictures of their prior work. If you have the chance to visit one of his past jobs and see the renovation in person, even better!
  5. Interview the owner (or at least the Project Manager who will be your day-to-day contact during the project). Especially common with larger contractors, the person at your first meeting is often just a salesperson, probably one of several on their staff.