New Investor and first time home buyer

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New to real estate investing and also this whole forum thing as well but I will be relocating to Austin or San Antonio area (depending on work) soon and hopefully purchasing the first property in the next couple of months or so as well. I would greatly appreciate any advice, especially specific to that general area in Texas. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jacob Kimbrough - welcome (from a fellow newbie).  I have a duplex in San Antonio that I purchased last month.  My advice - analyze  A LOT of properties, get pre-approved, contact a real estate agent to get on their mailing list.  Best of Luck!!

@Jacob Kimbrough

Hi Jacob, I'm a Real Estate Agent, Investor and Property Manager here in the Tampa, Florida area.  The market is HOT everywhere!!!!!!!  Get a solid pre-approval and you need to get a good agent that knows the market.  Grab coffee or lunch with all the people on here that reach out.  It's great to hear a lot of opinions and a great way to pick a seasoned agents/investors brain.  Knowledge is power.  Best of Luck!!!!!!